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Real-Life Tokyo Anime Places —TNJ’s most popular article about Japanese anime!

Feb 16, 2018

Source : Anime has fans all over the world. This art form offers people a ... Read More...

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10 cute school uniforms that you will want to try

Jan 26, 2018

School uniforms are one of the aspect for girls to look forward to entering school. Some of you cann... Read More...

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5 anime you should watch to know Japan more

Dec 14, 2017

Anime is one of the Japanese pop cultures which people coming to Japan are interested in. Also, anim... Read More...

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Reading Doraemon to Murakami: 5 Self-Study Habits for Japanese Fluency

Sep 4, 2017

I will start with the warning that, even as the method I outline involves learning Japanese without ... Read More...

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5 Guides to Enjoy Niconico Chokaigi You Must Know

Sep 19, 2017

  Have you ever heard of “Niconico Chokaigi” in Japan? Foreigners who love Japanese ani... Read More...

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10 Best anime movies that will make you love Japan

10 Best anime movies that will make you love Japan

Jun 24, 2017

  10 Japanese animated movies you will surely love There are many factors why everybody l... Read More...

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Must-visit places, events for cosplay enthusiasts and photographers

Places and events in Tokyo for people who love Cosplays

Jun 19, 2017

Must-visit places, events for cosplay enthusiasts and photographers   Living in a metro... Read More...

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Top women mangaka in Japan you probably didn’t know

Top women mangaka in Japan you probably didn’t know

Jun 17, 2017

Who are the famous women mangaka in Japan? [caption id="attachment_6011" align="aligncenter" width=... Read More...

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Pokemon Ultra Sun& Ultra Moon is coming! Facts you need to know about Pokemon

Jun 7, 2017

  When is the new Pokemon released? The latest series of Pokemon was announced at the... Read More...

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The story of DORAEMON

The story of DORAEMON: Dreams Come True with DORAEMON!

Sep 11, 2016

The story of DORAEMON Have you ever imagined you could fly in the sky, travel in time, visit an... Read More...

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Culture: Japan’s Cosplay

Jul 29, 2016

“Cosplay” is an abbreviation for costume play. It is a practice of dressing up as a character. The c... Read More...

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For those who want to enjoy Japanese anime

Jun 3, 2016

There are many places you should visit. Even if you are already one of the fans, visiting there brin... Read More...

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