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The Other Side of Senso-ji Temple – Stop By More Sights to See

Feb 22, 2017

Not Only the Main Hall and Gate; Garden, Shrine, and More When you visit Senso-ji Temple, where d... Read More...

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Valentine’s Day in Japan

Feb 12, 2017

  Valentine is a day celebrated all over the world.  In western countries, people send their... Read More...

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The Kotatsu Life – Winter Tradition in Japan

Feb 1, 2017

Kotatsu, TV, and Mandarin; Japanese Winter Essentials It is getting colder and colder these days.... Read More...

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Osechi Ryouri ~A feast at A New Year’s Day in Japan~

Jan 1, 2017

《What is Osechi Ryouri?》 We have a traditional feast at A New Year’s Day called “Osechi Ryouri” i... Read More...

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What would you like to try? ~ A New Year’s Day in Japan~

Dec 30, 2016

《Happy to be busy?》 The New Year’s holiday is from January 1 to January 3 in Japan. We will be bu... Read More...

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Touji ~冬至~

Dec 16, 2016

《What is Touji (冬至)?》 We have winter solstice on a day of December (around December 22) in the No... Read More...

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A New Year’s Card in Japan ~ Nengajo ~

Dec 10, 2016

《What is Nengajo?》 We have a custom to send a New Year’s Card called “Nengajo” (年賀状) every year i... Read More...

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Senso-ji Temple – The Oldest Temple in Tokyo

Dec 3, 2016

Tokyo’s Historical, Spiritual, and Famous Destination Senso-ji Temple, known for Tokyo’s oldest t... Read More...

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Have Some Oysters, Standard of Winter Food

Dec 1, 2016

The Best Season’s in the Air Do you know when the best season of oyster is? It is these months wh... Read More...

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Obsessed? ~Odor or flagrance in Japan~

Nov 14, 2016

《How to wear?》 Japanese people are usually sensitive to odor or flagrance in our daily life. As f... Read More...

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Seven-Five-Three??? ~Festivals for children~

Oct 25, 2016

《What is Shichi Go San?》 Japan has a tradition for children aged seven, five, and three on Novemb... Read More...

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Try Monja, Old Tokyo’s Favorite

Oct 1, 2016

Monja; One of Tokyo’s Local Food Have you heard of monja, which is similar to okonomiyaki? It is ... Read More...

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Japanese History: The Calpis Company Story

Japanese History: The Calpis Company Story

Sep 21, 2016

A brief history of this Japanese Company: Calpis Co. Have you ever heard or tasted the Japanese f... Read More...

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Enjoying the Harvest Moon in Japan

Sep 16, 2016

When is the Harvest Moon 2016? Have you heard of Japanese harvest moon “tsukimi”, also known as M... Read More...

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Manhole Covers Are Kind of Art in Japan!

Manhole Covers Are Kind of Art in Japan!

Aug 30, 2016

Manhole Covers as Street Art in Japan If you stay in Japan for a while, you might find unexpected... Read More...

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A-Bombed Buildings Tour in Hiroshima

Aug 5, 2016

A-Bombed Buildings are still remained The City of Hiroshima had been completely destroyed by only... Read More...

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