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Why don’t you try making “Obento?”

Jun 24, 2016

《What is Obento?》 When you come to feel you’re getting used to daily life in Japan, I would recom... Read More...

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Hydrangeas in the rainy season

Jun 24, 2016

Tsuyu is the rainy season in early summer in Japan. It starts around the beginning of June and ends ... Read More...

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Why don’t you try wearing SAMUE, the Japanese Summer Wear for Gentlemen

Jun 23, 2016

I believe most of you know YUKATA, a kind of KIMONO which is worn in summer. SAMUE 作務衣 is a very tra... Read More...

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“General Frost is coming! “ (Fuyu-Shogunn ga yattekuru!)

Jun 13, 2016

《Before living in Hokkaido…》 Hokkaido, the very north part of Japan has been highly ranked among ... Read More...


Yasukuni Shrine @ Kudanshita station

Jan 6, 2016

Kudanshita station. This station is metro station of Tokyo and can go directly from Shibuya and S... Read More...


Togoshiginza Shoutengai

Dec 27, 2015

  Right a second getting out of the Togoshiginza station, smell of dericous oil of ramen and... Read More...


Cleaning in Japan

Nov 25, 2015

If you came Japan for a business, you may concern where you can go for a cleaning for your Y-shirts ... Read More...


Voting Abroad

Oct 8, 2015

Have you known that you can vote for your country’s national election while or before you are travel... Read More...

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Action you take in the case of Natural Disaster

Oct 14, 2015

■Useful Information When you walking around in Tokyo, as many of you noticed, despite of the fact... Read More...


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