Rain can kill you in Japan! Ways to survive rainy days during summer

Jul 13, 2017

According to the news published on 8th July,2017, the death toll from flooding caused by recent heavy rain in southern Japan has risen to at least 15. Rivers burst their banks, destroying buildings and roads after more than 50 cm of rain fell over a 12hour period on parts of the south-western Island of Kyushu on Wednesday. I think there are people who are shocked that the rain can kill so many people in Japan. The rain in Japan is actually dangerous! In Tokyo, you might not experience such dangerously heavy rain, but the rainy season is coming. Therefore, I am going to talk about 5 ways to survive rainy days in Japan.



Just last week, storms that have raged on for ages and ages wrecked even more havoc in neighbouring Gunma Prefecture. Gunma was hit by a lightneing storm and damage reports regularly showed up on TV. With weather like this, a rare sunny or overcast hour or day is thoroughly welcomed. Currently, the weather lets up a bit more than usual (1-2 days instead of a few hours). However, the rain will be back this weekend. You need to be extremely careful of the weather because the rain may fall unexpectedly at anytime. Therefore, remember to bring some rain gear, a towel and extra clothes. This article is going to explain about what you should prepare during the rainy season!

Buy a pair of rain boots


In a rainy day, invest in a pair of rain boots. Japanese shoe stores will start selling a range of water-resistant rubber boots from May with the cheapest starting around 2000 all the way up to 75000 for a branded pair like hunters.


Bring a sweat towel with you!


In Japan it is completely fine for you to towel-dry yourself in public. During summer, you should carry a towel with you so that you can use it when the rain hit you!


Use waterproof jacket


In Japan, there are bunch of water proof-jacket that are available for you. You can easily get one of those at the Uniqlo, and you can buy one with a reasonable price. They are functional, and they are useful, so I bet it will help you a lot during summer season!