The Art of Bonsai

Feb 1, 2018

A Bonsai tree is more than just a small tree, it is a true art form that has its roots in Chinese horticulture and was later redeveloped by the Japanese. The Japanese used the art of bonsai as a form of personal reflection and meditation while developing their own distinctive style of bonsai. In ancient times, bonsai trees were usually only enjoyed by the those of high rank but later even common people began to find joy in this art form. Centuries later, bonsai began to be known also in the Western world as well as in other parts of the world where it is still a popular hobby today. In Japan, growing and caring for these miniature trees is not just a hobby, but a part of the culture and an artistic tradition.

What is a Bonsai Tree?

The word “bonsai” literally means “planted in a container”. People have been fascinated by how an entire tree can be small enough that it can fit in just one hand. How is it possible? First off, many different trees can be grown as bonsai trees such as pine trees, maple trees, and cherry trees. Contrary to popular belief, bonsai trees are not genetically modified plants. Essentially any plant that has a woody trunk and branches can be grown as a bonsai tree. For a tree to be kept small, it must be carefully taken care of, pruned, and shaped regularly. By growing a tree in a small pot, you limit that space it has to grow in and it has to adjust to the small area.

What is Involved in Growing a Bonsai Tree?

The reason why this is an art form is because it requires a lot of dedication on the part of the grower. You must have the time to water them regularly year-round and when you travel, you have to make arrangements for the tree to be cared for. As previously stated, bonsai trees also have to be pruned to control the kind of shape they take. You also have to pinch the new shoots and if you have a fast growing plant, this can take up a considerable amount of time. Growing a bonsai tree is not about controlling a natural element, but helping it to become the most beautiful tree it can become while at the same time showing respect for it. Before deciding to grow a bonsai, make sure you will have the time to take proper care of it.

Why Grow a Bonsai Tree?

Many people enjoy growing bonsai trees because they find it relaxing, this is why you can even find them in a person’s office space. Unlike other forms of art, once you start caring for a bonsai tree, your work of art is never finished. You must always care for it. However, the satisfaction you feel when you get the perfect artistic shape for your tree makes it all worth it. Any artist knows that the pleasure derived from finally achieving the perfect work of art makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Every visitor to you home will be impressed by the striking beautiful appearance of your bonsai tree.

How to Get Started

Before purchasing a bonsai tree, decide which room you will place it in. Is the room sunny? Be sure to choose the appropriate tree according to the conditions of the room it will be in and the climate in which you live in so that it can thrive. You can buy bonsai trees either at a special bonsai nursery (the best choice) or on the Internet. If you purchase one from the internet, be sure it is from a reputable company to ensure you get a healthy tree.

Growing bonsai is a life-long commitment that will bring you joy and satisfaction if you view it as it truly is—a beautiful form of art.

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