Why don’t you try wearing SAMUE, the Japanese Summer Wear for Gentlemen

Jun 23, 2016

I believe most of you know YUKATA, a kind of KIMONO which is worn in summer. SAMUE 作務衣 is a very traditional summer clothing for gentlemen like YUKATA. But we seldom see them lately even though they are gathering good reputation from various ages.



I can’t ignore this very useful and convenient clothing because you can wear one not only as a room wear but also as a casual wear for outdoors. I think the biggest advantage of SAMUE is that the clothing doesn’t choose your body shape no matter how “skinny” or “fat” you think of yourself. They are made of satin, the high breathing material to deal with humid and hot summer in Japan. Since they are designed for a kind of working wear, they are not a kind of tight fit clothing. You can move your body easily. You can wash them by laundry machine. They dry very quickly.


The more you wear SAMUE, the more they have character like denim jeans. One more thing to be added is its quite reasonable price around ¥3,000 both top and bottom. You can find them in the internet shopping site like AMAZON or at clothing shops in your town. I got one of them from AMAZON 4 years ago and wear it every summer.



Don’t be afraid to wear this suitable summer wear. I’m sure they will go perfect with you! Get one of those and view Japanese Fireworks or go to summer festivities with your charming girlfriend in YUKATA, your intimate friends, or your family.

You shouldn’t miss this cool stuff SAMUE.






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