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Feb 13, 2017

Have a Break in Japanese Style

Did you try Japanese KitKat? In Japan, it has been sold since 1973, and is also known for its lots and lots of flavor these days. The best-known flavor for non-Japanese people would be green tea because it might be the typical flavor of Japan. Moreover, Japanese KitKat also has other limited flavors; season, area, etc. Even KitKat is from UK, it is originally developed in Japan. These are some picks to recommend you as souvenirs.

(Photo by Yuko)


Annual Special Promotion for the Examination Season

In Japan, the examination season is from the middle of January to March every year. KitKat has annual special promotion which comes from its name in this term. Because the phrase “Kit Kat” is like Japanese phrase “Kitto katsu”, which means “You’re gonna win” in Japanese, the company recommends to send it to university/high school entrance exams. Each individual package has a message for the exams in both Japanese and English to encourage them. Therefore, the reverse side of its box has the blank which can write message, etc. More info; (Japanese only).

(Photo by Yuko)


Baked Kit Kat – Suggestion of the New Way of Eating

It is common that chocolate usually starts melting in 28℃ or over. However, “Baked” KitKat is now available at stores. You bake it by oven toaster for 2 minutes per box, and its taste will be totally changed; crispy top and melty side-bottom. In 2016-2017 season, butter cookies flavor has been introduced. When you try it, you would feel you are eating other chocolate candy. The direction is written on the back of the box and you can make it and experience the new taste so easily. More detail; (Japanese only).

(Photo by Yuko)


Another Unique and Locally Flavors

You must be able to find other unique flavors KitKat while you are in Japan. Not only green tea, it has local specialties flavor only in Japan; sake, Okinawan sweet potato, wasabi, red bean paste sandwich, etc. When you travel to other cities, you should get them for your friends, co-workers, family, and of course yourself. Moreover, when you return to your home country or your family and friends visit Japan, you may choose KitKat which totally different from other countries for them. You can check detail its Japanese official site;





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