5 Guides to Enjoy Niconico Chokaigi You Must Know

Aug 5, 2017


Have you ever heard of “Niconico Chokaigi” in Japan?
Foreigners who loves Japanese animation, don’t miss this event.
This is the name of event produced by DWANGO Co.,Ltd which is participation community that everybody can experience many kinds of events.
In this event, you can also wear cosplays like Kemono Friends (Animation made into TV with animals try to pretend like human being) to experience that you can be your desirable anime character.

Here are 5 information about Niconico Chokaigi you must know before attending this event.



1. What Kinds of Event is This?

Niconico Chokaigi is very unique and interesting event organized by Japanese largest video social website called
“Niconico”, their concept is to recreate Niconico’s virtual world in the real life.
This event offers a wide variety of contents from Niconico such as Game, Real Anime World,
Singing (Karaoke), Future Museum, Aircraft, Face Paintings, Dancing, Japan Self-Defense Force& U.S. Forces Japan, Cosplay Show, Kabuki, Haunted House, Railway, Politics, Technology, Shrine, Cooking, Sports, etc.

Interesting point of this event is that visitors will not be just spectators but can take part in the attraction by themselves.

“You can be the Leading Role”

This is the melting pot of Japan’s internet culture, where people of all ages can get together in real life and enjoy face-to-face communication with an excitement.

If you get hungry, try to use food court.
You can try the themed food which resembles the animation characters or objects from Japanese popular video games.
Definitely you’re going to be a SNS King and Queen if you take pictures the meal and share with your friends.

Discovering new experiences makes people wiser and rich in life experience.



2. Guide for this Event

□ Date and Time

April 29th 10:00am-18:00pm (Last Entry is 17:30pm)
April 30th 10:00am-17:00pm (Last Entry is 16:30pm)
※This event is held every year so need to check website the date for sure.


□ Where

The Place: Makuhari Messe Convention Center
Event Hall 1 to 11
Address: Nakase 2-1, Mihamaku ,Chiba city, Japan, 261-0023

□ Access

Nearest Station: Kaihinmakuhari Station
(Keiyo Line ) Tokyo Station to Kaihinmakuhari Station (36 min) with 5 min walk.



3. Tickets Information


□ 1 Day Pass Ticket
Advance Ticket: 1,500 yen
At Door: 2,000 yen

□ 2 Days Pass Ticket
Advance Ticket: 2,500 yen

Except the food court and merchandise stall, you can see all the events by this ticket.
Better to buy advance ticket at Lawson or Mini Stop convenience stores to save your money.


4. Any Age Limits?


□ No Age Limits for this Event

Lots of exhibition booths with games, animation events like Go (it’s a game like checkers), Shogi (it’s a game like chess), Kabuki (it’s a Japanese traditional stage  drama performed exclusively by men to the accompaniment of songs and  music) allows all ages and gender can enjoy.

Attend this event with your partner, family, friends or dating and you will not regret.



5. Promise at this Event


There are several manners you must keep promise while attending this event.
To have exciting memories, please make sure to observe following good manners:


□ Do Not Stay Up All Night to Attend this Event

Some people try to wait from the day before to attend this event and stay up all night in front of the Makuhari Messe.
Even you need the ticket at door, there is a rule for waiting line for tickets from 5:00am in the morning.
Please follow this rule, otherwise it might cause you big troubles between the event staffs.

□ Re-entry the Event Hall

If you need to go out for some reason and get inside the event hall again, you must get stamp back of your hand.
You must show that stamp when you re-enter.
Also, there is security check for your belonging at the entrance for any suspicious objects, so try to get your bag ready to be checked.


□ Forbidden Things to Bring inside the Event Hall

・ Edged tool like a knife
・ Any alcohol
・ Any vehicles like roller skates, kick scooters except wheelchair
・ Animals like pets except guide dogs


□ Camera Manner

At the event hall, there are some area that prohibit taking pictures and there will be warning signs.
Do not take pictures in these area.
Regarding taking pictures of cosplay (dressing a costume as comic characters), you must not gather peoples to block the way or try to force people with cosplay way too much posing.


□ Cosplay Style

If you prefer your outfit as cosplay, you must pay 500 yen for register the cosplay and get registration card.
There are rooms to change your clothes in this event hall so need to show the registration card
※Please be careful not to change your clothes or put on your make-ups in the bathroom。


□ No Solicit for Any Business Profits or Hitting On People

This is the event which all the people can attend. Please focus on the event and not to involve other people with your personal greed.


□ Not Responsible for Your Belongings

Even you lost or someone steel your wallet in any case while attending the event, no one will take responsibilities so keep an eye on your belongings by yourselves.


□ No Refunds for Tickets

After you buy the entrance tickets, no refund is available.

□ Any Disaster Happened

If an earthquake or any disaster happened while the event, follow the instruction for event staff.



Do you now have an overall image of Niconico Chokaigi event?
The event in this year 2017 is already finished in April, so if you’re interested in, why don’t you attend next year?

You have plenty of time to prepare and especially if you want to wear cosplay, and enjoy while debating what kind of cosplay you want to wear as well.


“Niconico” means “Cheerful Smiling”
Discover your new cheerful smiling in this event!