Go Onomichi, Nostalgic and Beautiful City

Nov 12, 2016

One of the Best Destination of Hiroshima Pref.

Tourists who are visiting Hiroshima Pref. have been increasing lately. Even it has several popular destinations, the City of Onomichi is one of the best destinations there. Onomichi used to be the largest city in the east part of the pref., and it still has nostalgic atmosphere caused by old buildings and houses which are still there. Onomichi is also known for several novels, movies, and anime are set, and good cycling lane is included in the Nishiseto Expressway aka Shimanami Expressway which connects there and the City of Imabari, Ehime Pref. Here is Onomichi’s typical scenery; the view from near famous Senko-ji Park, and you can see the Seto Inland Sea, Shin-Onomichi Ohashi Bridge, the Island of Mukaishima, etc.

“The City of the Slopes”

Onomichi is also known for “The City of the Slopes”. Because its city area is located between mountain and inland sea, there are a few flat areas and most of houses and ancient temples are built on the hillside. Therefore, streets are narrow and steep and cars can’t enter. That is why Downtown Onomichi has unique scenery which is different from any other cities. Onomichi has another problem these days; vacant houses’ increasing. However, several people who love the atmosphere move there and they renovate these houses to open their shops. These shops are café, bakery, guesthouse, etc.

Senko-ji Temple; the Landmark of Onomichi

Senko-ji Temple, located on the hillside of Mt. Senko-ji, is kind of Onomichi’s landmark, and known as Senko-ji Park. You can reach there both by walk through the Path of Literature which has several stones written memorable quotes and Senko-ji Ropeway. The park is also known for one of famous cherry blossom-viewing spots in Hiroshima, and the hill is covered all over by cherry blossom. More info; www.senkouji.jp/ (Japanese only).

The Latest Guesthouse in Downtown

Onomichi also has several hotels from traditional Japanese inn to the latest hotel which is for cyclists. However, the latest guesthouse located in shopping arcade comes to attract attention these days. The guesthouse named “Anago no Nedoko” (the bed for conger eel) is also as part of vacant house renewing project of Onomichi. The phrase “the bed for eel” means building or place which width is small and the depth is large in Japanese. You can enjoy traditional Onomichi life and close relationship between you and local people includes guesthouse staff during your stay. Not only staying, also just stopping by café which exists in the same place is OK. Check its English site; anago.onomichisaisei.com/index.html.en.


(Reference: Anago no Nedoko)