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Beef vs Pork – Comparison of 3 Typical Japanese Dishes

Apr 15, 2017

Which Dishes Do You Like? This is out of the blue but where do you live in Japan? If you have lived... Read More...


3 Reasons of You Should Have Mugi Tea

Apr 12, 2017

Did You Try Mugi Tea? Have you tried mugi tea? It tends to think it is summer tradition, but you ma... Read More...

Food, Culture

Why don’t you make OBENTO by yourself?

Mar 24, 2017

Have you made a packed lunch called “OBENTO” in your life? There is such a Japanese style to make i... Read More...

Food, Culture

Enjoy the Bitterness of Spring Wild Vegetables

Mar 18, 2017

Believe it or not, the old proverb says that eating bitterness in spring is effective for detoxifica... Read More...

Food, Culture

3 Must-Try Side Dishes at Sushi Restaurant

Mar 16, 2017

You Don’t Have To Order Sushi at Sushi Restaurant Do you like raw fish? And do you like sushi? Sush... Read More...

Food, Culture


Mar 12, 2017

  Do you find yourself sometimes missing the tastes from your country? Or some foreign cuisi... Read More...

Food, Shopping / Service

[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~5]Japanese Cuisine

Mar 10, 2017

Japanese culture is very popular in the world. Japanese anime, music, fashion, and so on. All of the... Read More...

Food, Culture

Dashi Doraku – Bottled Broth Which Can Buy at Vending Machine Can’t Believe! It Is Not Bottled Oolong Tea

Mar 9, 2017

In Japan, dashi (broth) is very important stuff for cooking. Do you know dashi is made from? Its ing... Read More...


Weird Japanese Food

Mar 7, 2017

<Horse Meat> In Japan, there is a tradition of eating raw horse meat (Basashi), especially in... Read More...


‘Onigiri’- one of the most popular Japanese foods for centuries

Mar 5, 2017

Onigiri have been loved by Japanese people for centuries and they are still loved very much today.  ... Read More...

Food, Shopping / Service, Others, Culture

Try out Winter Limited Products!!

Mar 1, 2017

As we have four seasons and eat particular foods for each season, you may find it that the Japanese ... Read More...

Food, Culture

How to Enjoy Eating Japanese Nabe (Hot Pot Dish) with Your Friends?

Feb 27, 2017

Have you already eaten Japanese Nabe (hot pot dish), which is one of the common foods in Japanese wi... Read More...


Maguro (Red Tuna): Ever Thought of Having Varieties of Flavors in One Fish?

Feb 19, 2017

  Dear sushi lovers, when you enter a great sushi restaurant, and you cannot wait to grab ... Read More...

Food, Shopping / Service

Season in Strawberry – Taste Spring Specialty

Feb 17, 2017

Have Some Strawberries! Spring is right around the corner, and it means it is the season in straw... Read More...

Food, Culture

Amazing instant food in Japan

Feb 17, 2017

  You can make yummy sushi rice quickly with “Sushitaro”!   What’s “Sushitaro”? ... Read More...

Food, Culture

Your Wish Comes True with Japanese KitKat

Feb 13, 2017

Have a Break in Japanese Style Did you try Japanese KitKat? In Japan, it has been sold since 1973... Read More...

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