Interviewing Takaya, famous cosplayer in Japan!

Jul 31, 2017

Takaya, famous cosplayer in Twitter


<First of all, who’s Takaya?>


Cosplay, is a Japanese culture that dress yourself up with costume of anime characters. Nowadays, this cosplay culture has became popular all over the world, and there are many events taking place.

If you want to start cosplay, it takes a lot of time and effort tio make one costume, and on top of that, it is very expensive.

Takaya, a Japanese cosplayer (@tky888tky) tries to make costume with limited budget.


These are his past cosplay that he made before.

Pomupomu pudding




Takaya is posting his pictures of cosplay on Twitter, and his low quality cosplay has gathered attention from the Twitter users, and now he has 27000 followers. Today, Guidable Japan has a chance to interview Takaya, in order to find out what king of person he is.


Takaya is bleeding after eating too many chocolates.


Q: Thank you for giving us an opportunity to interview you.


A: No, it’s totally fine. Currently, I am having a pathetic life that I am not going out from the house and not meeting anyone in this few days. I am glad that I can finally talk to a person.


Q: You say that you are not going out from your house, what is your current job?


A: I don’t have any job now. I went to the supermarket everyday and keep tasting the sample products.


Q: I see… Can you tell us the reason why you decided to become a cosplayer?


A: I don’t have any specific reason for that. As I said before, I am having a life without interacting with any people, so I wanted to keep in touch with people through SNS. It is normal for me to spend a day without speaking a single word. I shed in tears when I realize that the first word I said on that day was ‘I don’t have a T-point card’ in the convenience store.


Q; So you started cosplay because you wanted to interact with people. Then why don’t you find a job? I think you can find more chance to talk to people when you work.


A: Let’s not talk about it for now.


<Inspired by foreign cosplay culture>


Q: So, let’s talk about your cosplay life. Why did you decided to start posting photo of cosplay on the internet?


A: I love watching foreign people’s cosplay pictures on the internet, especially the crazy ones. The people are making crazy cosplays that are not even that close to the characters, but I can feel that they are really enjoying. I can feel their love towards the characters. I love comics too, so I wanted to enjoy cosplays like they do.

Haruhi Suzumiya


Famous character of light novel, Haruhi Suzumiya’s cosplay.



He is using the ‘Double Cheese burger’ of McDonalds. It is not that close to the character but it is funny.


Takaya: ‘ This is my cosplay. If you see it from the back…’




Takaya: ‘You’ll see that I am not wearing anything’




<It is done when I feel that it is done>


Q: How are you taking your photos?


A; I don’t have any friends so I am taking the photos by myself. I need friends. Desperately.


Q: So you don’t even have a friend who are taking photo for you.


A: Exactly, therefore I am using this stand that I bought in Tamacenter.

Takaya using the stands because he has no friends

‘I don’t have money to buy a good camera, so I am using my smart phone. I really need money…’


How he is taking his photo


The hard thing about it, is the phone only has self timer of 10 seconds.


So the steps of taking photo is like…


pressing the timer button → 10 seconds count down begings. →Takaya gets into his position in 10 seconds→ photo taken→ check the photo →back to the first step if it fails


This is the hardest step. I need to take hundreds and thousands of photos for one cosplay, and everytime I failed I’ll be like, ‘SH*TTTT’.


Q: So, how much time do you take to finish one cosplay?


Normally it won’t take a lot to finish one cosplay, but it takes 2-3 hours when I failed a lot. Even these low quality cosplay would take 2-3 hours. I wonder what the heck I’m doing.


Q: So, how do you decide which photo to post when you take so many pictures for one cosplay?


A: I just use my sense to pick one. I will half-open my eyes, and when I feel that the cosplay looks like the character, than I will use it. You may realize that if you closely look at my cosplay, you will realize that they aren’t even close to the characters.


Takaya’s camera roll. He is taking 20-50 pictures for each cosplay.


<It’s not cosplay but it’s his food menu>


Q: How much does it cost to make one cosplay?


A: It really depends on the cosplay, but I am trying to make it as cheap as possible. I don’t have money as I’m not working, so I usually use Japanese snacks for my cosplay. Japanese snacks are really cheap. I always go to find the snacks that I can use in ‘Okashi no Machioka’ which is near my house.


Q: When we look at your cosplays, we realize that you are mainly using foods and snacks for you cosplay.


It is because I don’t have any money…

When I finish cosplay, I will just eat the snacks I used for the cosplay.

Those foods and snacks will become my dinner.

pomupomu pudding


Takaya calls his copslay as food menu.


Q; So how do you decide which character you use for your cosplay?

A: I am choosing characters from my favorite manga and anime. I also find characters from kids-books.


Q: So you are using characters that you like.


A: Yes, but I don’t know much about the new characters.


<What Takaya learnt from his cosplay activity in Twitter>

Q: Do you have any interaction among your follwers


A: I get a lot of reply from my followers. I feel really happy when I get these reply from my followers, as I started my activity because I wanted to interact with people.


Q: So you started the activity to interact with people, so your goal is achieved.


A: I get a lot of comment like, ‘it s bad’ ‘ugly’ and even ‘Your face is ugly’, but I feel happy even for this kind of topics. However sometimes I get comments like, ‘Don’t play with your foods’ I’m really sorry for that, but please forgive me as I am eating all the foods after taking the picture.


Q: Do you get response from foreign people?


Yes, sometimes I get comment in English and French, but I can’t read at all. I google translated the word, and it said, ‘My siblings are carnival’. I laughed because it does not make any sense.


<Future goal>


Q: Do you have any goal for the future?


A: I really need a friend for my future. I almost turn crazy when I work it all alone. I want to post as many pictures I can. I actually want to post photos everyday, but I really don’t have money. I want an oil tycoon to be my friend.


Q: So last but not least, can you show us your cosplay that is only able for Guidable Japan?


Well, I will use this.


Q: What is it?


A: It’s Winny the Poo


Q: Please do it seriously.


He is making innovative and creative cosplays.

Let’s give him a attention.