Shaved Ice – The Best Way of Cool Down

Jul 14, 2016

A Japanese Summer Tradition

Have you ever tried shaved ice and do you like it?

It has been popular with Japanese people as a summer tradition. Because Japanese summer is terribly hot and humid, shaved ice is the best way to make you cool down. It also has a variety of flavor syrup like strawberry, lemon, melon etc. and you can choose one or some flavors. You can see the shaved ice booth at summer festival or bon dance event. The ice which is shaved seems to be powder snow and sometimes you might have brain freeze when you eat it so fast.


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<Put Syrup by Yourself>

There is a lot of syrup for shaved ice. In addition to three standard flavors, new flavors are also getting more and more popular like grape, lemonade, Blue Hawaii, Cola, etc. The syrup used to be put on the ice by staff and could choose only one flavor. However, some booths have syrup dispenser below and you can put syrup by yourself as you like. Therefore, no matter how many syrup you put, the cost is the same as only one flavor. You may create your original taste, or try other cities’ local specialty for example rainbow “shave ice” of Hawaii. Enjoy a mixture of flavor and color.

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<Shaved Ice at Home>
① Kyoro-chan, A Retro Style Ice Shaving Machine

Shaved ice can make at home by ice shaving machine too. Lots of home ice shaving machines are sold for over 40 years. Particularly Tiger’s bear-shape ice shaving machine named “Kyoro-chan”, originally introduced in 1976 is gaining popularity again these days and has been re-released this summer. First of all, set a bowl under the place ice is shaved, then put ice into the machine, and turn the handle on the top, at last the ice is shaved and served on the bowl. The bear’s eyes are moving from side to side while you are turning the handle, and its name comes from this movement. It has three color variation and available on both official site and retail stores. More story/recipes; (Japanese only).

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<Shaved Ice at Home>
② Hand Ice Shaving Machine for Garigari-kun

Garigari-kun is another best-seller ice candy which has several flavors and available all year around. You may eat it just as it is, however, hand ice shaving machine which has the same color as its soda flavor candy is also available. It is so easy to make it; put candy with stick into the cylinder, then set head cap and grind the candy side to side on the bowl. You can eat Garigari-kun without staining your hands when you use it. It has two sizes; for regular size and for multi pack size.


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