5 Japanese contemporary artists who are famous globally

Aug 11, 2017

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Outdoor Activities, Entertainment

5 Must-Visit October festivals in Japan

Aug 10, 2017

    If you're thinking of taking an Autumn excursion, here are 5 festivals that ... Read More...

Language, Manners, Work

How to Answer the Phone with Proper Business Etiquette in Japanese

Aug 10, 2017

If you’re looking for a full or part-time job in Japan, it is very important to learn proper Ja... Read More...

Language, Culture

5 useful expressions to maintain good relationship with Japanese friends

Aug 9, 2017

Trust, respect, and communication are essential in every relationship. These are among the facto... Read More...


5 Japanese bands you must listen to this summer

Aug 9, 2017

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Beauty / Cosmetics, Shopping

5 Must-Buy Cheap Cosmetics Brands in Japan

Aug 8, 2017

What cosmetics brand comes up first in your mind? CHANNEL? LOREAL? DIOR? Quite expensive, but t... Read More...

Service, Mobile phone

5 ways to surf on the internet when in Japan

Aug 8, 2017

Travel essentials of people nowadays have changed and one of the significant changes is the need... Read More...


5 Japanese beaches you must visit during summer holdiday!

Aug 7, 2017

5 Japanese beaches you must visit during summer holdiday! The summer holiday has came, and if... Read More...


5 things you must not do when you visit Japan

Aug 6, 2017

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5 Guides to Enjoy Niconico Chokaigi You Must Know

Aug 5, 2017

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3 Bad Manners You Must Not Do in the Train

Aug 4, 2017

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5 Weird Japanese Food That May Shock You

Aug 3, 2017

There are variety of food that Japan could offer to anyone. The well known sushi, sashimi, tempu... Read More...


Do Not Dare Enter These 5 Haunted Spots in Japan

Aug 3, 2017

Do you know there are frightening haunted spots in Japan? They are like those scenes in horror ... Read More...


Advice from your senpai: It is important to make Japanese friends!

Aug 4, 2017

Today we are able to Interview Srun, who is from Cambodia. He is a student from Cambodia, and he is ... Read More...


High School Baseball Championship as Japanese Summer Tradition

Aug 2, 2017

Baseball has become one of nationally popular sports though it came from the U.S. It used to be popu... Read More...

Food, Beer Garden

5 Beer Gardens Perfect for a Date or Party in Tokyo

Aug 1, 2017

With so many beer gardens being held in Tokyo during summer, how to choose the perfect one for a dat... Read More...

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