Troubles, Work

How to message your boss when you are not feeling well! How to write an email

Jun 13, 2017

  When you are not feeling well, how should you message your boss?   If you h... Read More...

Business environment, Troubles, Work

Don’t struggle by yourself! Signs that your part time job is “black”

Jun 12, 2017

Unpaid overtime work, unreasonable sales minimums you must meet, extreme punishment for small mi... Read More...

Summer, Outdoor Activities, Entertainment

Top Five Not-To-Miss Summer Experiences in Japan

Jun 11, 2017

Alongside New Year, summer time is the most festive period on the Japanese calendar. With a multitud... Read More...

Business environment, Work

5 Facts about Freeter in Japan! What exactly is a Freeter?

Jun 10, 2017

    What is a freeter in Japan? If you are working a part time job, you migh... Read More...

Manners, Work

3 things you must know about “ON TIME” in Japan

Jun 10, 2017

  You may see many situations that things are going “ON TIME” while you’re living in Japan. ... Read More...

Business environment, Work

Short term jobs (tanki baito) that you can do in Japan!

Jun 9, 2017

If you are working in Japan, you may think of doing part time jobs in Japan. However, if you are... Read More...

Shopping, Service, Taxes and other procedures

Foreigners must know: Japan tax exemption program

Jun 9, 2017

Do you know the tax exemption program in Japan? It is really a big appeal to the foreign shopaholics... Read More...

Others, Culture

Vietnam Festival is Back! Japanese girls like eating Coriander!

Jun 8, 2017

What is Vietnam Festival? Vietnam festival is back to Yoyogi Park! In the 10th of June and 11th o... Read More...

Service, Shopping / Service

5 Major Marks You Need to Know about Japanese Laundry Symbol

Jun 8, 2017

Do You Pay Attention to Laundry Symbol? All ready-to-wear clothes are usually indicated laundry s... Read More...

A taste of Japanese traditional rice cake mochi

Mochi: Sticky Soft Delights, A taste of Japanese traditional rice cake

Jun 8, 2017

A taste of Japanese traditional rice cake mochi Back in your home country, you probably have desser... Read More...

Business environment, Work

Horrible Facts you need to know about working the night shift

Jun 8, 2017

    If you are living in Japan, you may notice that many stores in Japan are ope... Read More...

Pokemon Go, Anime, Manga, Others, Entertainment

Pokemon Ultra Sun& Ultra Moon is coming! Facts you need to know about Pokemon

Jun 7, 2017

  When is the new Pokemon released? The latest series of Pokemon was announced at the... Read More...

Food, Restaurant

5 Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo

Jun 7, 2017

    Japan is widely known for their food culture. From sushi with freshly captur... Read More...

Move To Japan, Others

Facts you need to know about the “My Number System”

Jun 7, 2017

 What is My Number System? The new Japanese ‘My Number’ (マイナンバー) system is officially running. Al... Read More...

Food, Culture

3 Ways to Enjoy Green Tea Products

Jun 7, 2017

It’s Time to Taste Newly-Picked Tea ! Japanese people like green tea as their soul drink, and they ... Read More...

Food, Restaurant
10 Best dining finds in Tokyo when on a budget

10 Best Dining Finds in Tokyo When on a Budget

Jun 7, 2017

Experience Tokyo’s best restaurants and shops even on a budget Lifestyle, including that of dinin... Read More...

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