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Frozen Ramen; Ramen with the Latest and Easiest Style

Jan 8, 2017

Have You Ever Heard of Kinrei Frozen Ramen? You know Japanese frozen foods combine utility and de... Read More...

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Osechi Ryouri ~A feast at A New Year’s Day in Japan~

Jan 1, 2017

《What is Osechi Ryouri?》 We have a traditional feast at A New Year’s Day called “Osechi Ryouri” i... Read More...

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Is it your second visit in Hokkaido? ~ Northern part of Japan~

Jan 6, 2017

《What image do you have with Hokkaido?》 In a few decades, the number of visitors from abroad to H... Read More...

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What would you like to try? ~ A New Year’s Day in Japan~

Dec 30, 2016

《Happy to be busy?》 The New Year’s holiday is from January 1 to January 3 in Japan. We will be bu... Read More...

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Touji ~冬至~

Dec 16, 2016

《What is Touji (冬至)?》 We have winter solstice on a day of December (around December 22) in the No... Read More...

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KFC as Christmas Cheer in Japan

Dec 19, 2016

A First-Rate Dinner Since 1970 If you are from North America, you would think Japanese people are... Read More...

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Kagura; The Sacred and Traditional Performance Art

Dec 14, 2016

Do You Know Kagura? Have you ever heard of kagura? It literally means “god-entertainment” in Engl... Read More...

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Must-Go Places of Kure, the City of Navy

Dec 13, 2016

Another Popular Destination Next to Hiroshima Even there are several famous destinations in Hiros... Read More...

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Come to Kissaten, Japanese Style Café

Dec 17, 2016

What is Kissaten? When you want to take a break, where do you go? You might choose world-famous c... Read More...

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Experience Cooking Your Own Dish

Dec 9, 2016

No todo son barbacoas ¿Te gustaría cocinar tu propia comida en un restaurante? ¿Cómo te suena? Pe... Read More...

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A New Year’s Card in Japan ~ Nengajo ~

Dec 10, 2016

《What is Nengajo?》 We have a custom to send a New Year’s Card called “Nengajo” (年賀状) every year i... Read More...

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Okunoshima Island – The Island of Rabbit and Poison Gas

Dec 7, 2016

Secretly Popular Destination on the Internet Have you heard of Okunoshima Island of Takehara, Hir... Read More...


[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~1] Impression of Japan

Feb 8, 2017

Speaking of Japan, what is your first thing you thought. Is that brilliant and beautiful sakura? Is ... Read More...

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Senso-ji Temple – The Oldest Temple in Tokyo

Dec 3, 2016

Tokyo’s Historical, Spiritual, and Famous Destination Senso-ji Temple, known for Tokyo’s oldest t... Read More...

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Have Some Oysters, Standard of Winter Food

Dec 1, 2016

The Best Season’s in the Air Do you know when the best season of oyster is? It is these months wh... Read More...

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LUCKY PIERROT in Hokkaido, northern part of Japan

Nov 29, 2016

《What is LUCKY PIERROT?》 There is a popular restaurant in Hakodate City in Hokkaido named “LUCKY ... Read More...

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