Move To Japan, House

To get accommodation for students

Feb 28, 2016

This time, I am going to talk about my experience of finding accommodation in Japan. Situation varie... Read More...

Others, Entertainment


Feb 24, 2016

What is Yuki?? May be we remember some Japanese people who has this name. Some people even may know ... Read More...

Shopping / Service, Others

Indian restaurants in Sapporo

Feb 21, 2016

Food is a basic need for human survival. And food has its own diversity across the world. As we move... Read More...

Study abroad, Education
International first‐year student’s life in Japan

International first‐year student’s life in Japan

Feb 17, 2016

International first‐year student’s life in Japan   In April, new semester will ... Read More...

Study abroad, Education
An introduction to International student’s life in Japan

An introduction to International student’s life in Japan

Feb 16, 2016

An introduction to International student’s life in Japan   Most of us have the impression t... Read More...

Mobile phone

Taking mobile phone

Feb 4, 2016

Unlike my country, India, Japan has a system to get a phone connection, its Contract system. It’s sl... Read More...

Electric appliances

PC repair in Tokyo

Jan 14, 2016

Among the people who are studying, doing business, living, one of the most question was “ how to sol... Read More...


Groceries -imported foods-

Jan 12, 2016

Living aboard makes you hungry by remembering a food you ate in your country. This is naturally happ... Read More...


Day Trip for Skiing & Snowboarding from Tokyo

Jan 9, 2016

Japan is precious place with literary 4 seasons ; Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Besides, the... Read More...


Yasukuni Shrine @ Kudanshita station

Jan 6, 2016

Kudanshita station. This station is metro station of Tokyo and can go directly from Shibuya and S... Read More...


Yellow Line

Dec 30, 2015

“Quite many rules in Japanese people’s mind.”   Those “Rules” have been making using long... Read More...


Togoshiginza Shoutengai

Dec 27, 2015

  Right a second getting out of the Togoshiginza station, smell of dericous oil of ramen and... Read More...


Contract Assistant ―only for first 5 people―

Dec 22, 2015

When you start life in Japan, you have to open a bank account anyhow. Student : account to re... Read More...


Nakanobu Shoutengai -Skip Road-

Dec 20, 2015

  This shoutengai is close to 3 train lines: 1.Toei Asakusa Line 2. Tokyu Ikegami Line... Read More...



Dec 18, 2015

If you start life in another country, you need to know rules and manner in the country. In Japan,... Read More...


Route Finder – guide of the train way –

Dec 14, 2015

One of the Japanese attraction is train lines like a spider net. You can go quite everywhere in Toky... Read More...

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