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Living Comfortably in Japan – A few shops to get you started

Aug 21, 2017

To all foreign students!! Welcome to Japan! We really hope you have wonderful time here. As it ma... Read More...

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4 interesting facts about Vending Machines in Japan!

Jun 14, 2017

  Imagine in the hot, humid summer of Japan,  you have to throw yourself into the jam packed... Read More...

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Tips for Using of the air conditioners and the electric fan/circulator

Jul 6, 2016

Because of very hot, it is hard to spend the summer in Japan. So, strong ally of such summer, the... Read More...

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Broadband contract in Japan- Hikari collaboration and so on…

Jul 2, 2016

According to the previous article, basically, broadband contract of Japan is separately in line ... Read More...

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Broadband contract in Japan, Line business operator and Providers separately

Jul 1, 2016

Is there Internet fixed line in your residence? If not, you must feel the need for the Internet cont... Read More...

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PC repair in Tokyo

Jan 14, 2016

Among the people who are studying, doing business, living, one of the most question was “ how to sol... Read More...

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