Japanese Stationery: Stationery Taken to the Next Level

Dec 29, 2017

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Japan is recognized as having some of the most technologically advanced products in the world and this reputation has extended even to its stationery. Japanese stationery has seen worldwide popularity, with many people praising their unique products. What makes Japanese stationery so special? Let’s check out some of the latest offerings.

Magnetic Notes

Magnetic notes are statically charged and can stick to any dry surface, including metal, glass, plastic, fabric, wood and brick. They eliminate the need for pins and glues and you can write on them with markers, then erase and reuse.

Kokuyo DotLiner Stamp

The DotLiner Stamp eliminates the need for messy glues, with a strong adhesive that can stamp down accurately and neatly. It has a variety of uses in the home and office and whenever it runs out, you can simply refill the cartridge.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a simple product, but Japanese sticky notes are unique in that they come in different shapes and with fun artwork to spice up your office space.

Harinacs Staple-Free Stapler

A stapler without staples? Yes, you read it right. This stapler has no sharp staples (which can cause injury) but instead uses an innovative mechanism that interlocks pieces of paper together. It is great to use at the office or at school and will save you money because you never have to refill it.

Kokuyo Rubber Band

These rubber bands have a cute bow in their design, transforming a simple rubber band into a little piece of art. They are easy to untie and tie again, so you can re-use them many times, and are made of silicone that is more durable than regular rubber bands. They can be used in the office or as a special touch on a small gift to a friend.

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