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Oct 28, 2015



One of the most troublesome thing in making contract for mobile phone.

It is hard to find the shops which has staff who can speak your language.

(Japanese people are not really good at languages and so you sometimes feel inconvenient.)


There are 3 major mobile phone provider: au, docomo, Softbank.

Those companies provide information which shops you can find a staff who can serve you in your languges.



(supporting by English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese speaking staff through TV monitor)



(supporting by English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish speaking staff through TV monitor)





Basically, documents you need to submit for making contract are

If you want to pay monthly fee by credit card

  1. Passport(or Car license)
  2. Credit card
  3. Money for mobile phone itself



Paying by bank account

  1. Passport (or car license)
  2. Pass book of bank
  3. Money for mobile phone itself


If the address on your ID(passport and car license) is different, you need substitute document to certify that you are living in Japan such as, bill for gas, water, electricity, car license you got in Japan etc.


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