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Looking to Lower Your Grocery Bill? Go to Gyomu!

Apr 10, 2017

Have you recently arrived in Japan and find yourself having difficulty finding reasonably priced foo... Read More...

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3 Ways to Be Redelivered for You

Apr 6, 2017

Sorry, They’ll Redeliver for You You would occasionally send/receive the package. When you receive ... Read More...

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Waiting timing? No, Now!

Apr 5, 2017

Please imagine you have to get on the train arriving at one o’clock. What time are you trying to be ... Read More...

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The Basics of Grocery Shopping and Buying Your Everyday Essentials

Apr 4, 2017

Unlike most Western supermarkets, shops in Japan tend to be divided into pure grocery stores for foo... Read More...

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Buying a Commuter Pass – The ‘Teiki-ken’

Apr 4, 2017

If you’re commuting to school or work for the better part of each month, the cheaper and more conven... Read More...

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How Can I Have Root Canal Treatment in Japan?

Apr 2, 2017

  Have you ever been seized with a sudden tooth pain and needed to rush in a dentist?  T... Read More...

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Reasonable Steak Experience with Stand-Up-Eating

Mar 31, 2017

Don’t You Eat Steak More Casual? When do you usually eat steak? Or When do you go to steak restaura... Read More...

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Where to buy vinyl record in Tokyo

Apr 28, 2017

Compare to other countries, in Japan physical medias are really popular in Japan. Nowadays digit... Read More...

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3 Must-Buy of MUJI

Mar 29, 2017

Do You Like MUJI? Mujirushi Ryohin store, also known for MUJI outside of Japan, is a big general sh... Read More...

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Fun to Go to Library – Discovering What You Can Do in Library

Mar 27, 2017

    Libraries in Japan are very useful that can offer you not only to borrow the... Read More...

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Coupons and Discount When You Go Out

Mar 25, 2017

Do you know that you can get coupons and discount in various places when you go out? In general, the... Read More...

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You Can See When Your Bus Comes

Mar 21, 2017

Route bus is one of the easiest ways as public transportation. It is slightly more convenience than ... Read More...

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Renting a house in Japan: a few tips for terms about money

Mar 13, 2017

If you want to live in Japan, one of the first things that you have to do is to find a place to live... Read More...

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[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~5]Japanese Cuisine

Mar 10, 2017

Japanese culture is very popular in the world. Japanese anime, music, fashion, and so on. All of the... Read More...

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Where to go if you miss a last train?

Mar 3, 2017

When you miss the last train in Japan, what do you do? In Japan, even in big city like Tokyo, the la... Read More...

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How to Choose Moving Company? Things to Consider When You Move

Mar 2, 2017

Between February and March, it is a high season for the moving industry in Japan since fiscal year s... Read More...

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