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Feb 17, 2018

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Everyone has heard of buying things like Tenugui or Kendama or even Yukata as souvenirs for friends. Here are a few items that you might not have heard of.

Tiny Takoyaki Shop Dollhouse Set

Do you have anyone in your family that likes to work with their hands? Or maybe you have a friend that likes to build model airplanes or cars? Well this might be the perfect gift for them. It’s a model Japanese Takoyaki Shop! Don’t want a Takoyaki shop? Japan has you covered. Billy Dollhouse Sets are beautifully detailed and capture every little detail of Japanese houses and shops for you to take home to your loved ones. These little sets do not come assembled, they instead come with all the parts put together in a bag for you to put together yourself! It’s a fun project for you and your family, especially those that might have a DIY itch!

Foldable Memo Papers

Have to get your boss a gift? Get him or her a pad of foldable Memo papers! Being the home of the Origami, it comes as no surprise that they even have folding memo notes for your desk. Kamiterior has various designs from sumo wrestlers to Mt. Fuji itself. Want flowers instead? They’ve got that too.  How about birds? Instruments? Hello Kitty? Yep, they’ve got it all. Instructions for folding them are inside, or you can just follow the simple pictures on the outside packaging.

Futon for your Wallet

Thought your wallet could use a rest, well there’s a product for that! Called a “saifuton”, your wallet can sleep when you do. Nakategawa’s Saifuton is blessed by Japanese Shinto priests from the Anazawaten Shrine in Tokyo, insuring a long and prosperous wallet. Some sets come with a wooden bed made of Japanese Cypress for a little extra. The saifuton is definitely something very unique to bring home for a loved one.

Japanese Katana Scissors

Want a Katana and can’t afford or fit a real one in your suit case? Never fear because Japan has you covered. The Japanese Katana Scissors would be a great souvenir from Japan. There are cheaper versions, but the real beauty is the Oda Nobunaga version with its stainless steel blades and hamon design. Great as a gift for yourself or someone in the family that loves crafts and Japan.

Water design umbrellas

Although there are a few of these on the market in Foreign countries, none have made them as accessible or as affordable as Japan has. Using absorbents and repellants, Japanese water design umbrellas change their design on rainy days where the design will appear as if by magic as you walk around in the rain. These will come in both Japanese prints and character designs and are perfect for everyone.

Tamahagane: Katana Steel Shavings

Looking for a rare gift for someone special? Try Japanese steel shavings, called ‘Tamahagane’. Tamahagane is used to forge Katana and is rare to find outside of Japan. In fact, it’s also pretty rare to find in Japan as well. You can find wooden boxes filled with the shavings at the Japanese Sword Museum which is located in Tokyo.

Japan offers a wide range of souvenirs, whether traditional or untraditional. There’s a gift for everyone here, it just might take a bit of looking in the right places.

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