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[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan]How to get “Pikachu” as the first Pokemon in “Pokemon Go”

By Guidable Writers Jul 24, 2016

The day has come; “Pokémon Go” has finally been delivered in Japan. You can guess numerous numbers of fans have started to play it. It will be likely to have long “whirlwind of Pokémon Go” term in Japan.

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Now, let’s get to the point. You will first think of “Pikachu” when you hear “Pokémon.” Even if you are unfamiliar to Pokémon, you may have heard of the name, “Pikachu.” For this time, we would introduce “HOT SECRET TIPS” to get “Pikachu” as the first Pokémon in “Pokémon Go.”


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The procedure to get “Pikachu” as the first Pokémon in “Pokémon Go.”

[Step 1] After seeing the introduction, you will see three monsters displayed.

※DO NOT TAP them, and keep away from them.

[Step 2:]Repeat the action of step 1 for several times.

[Step 3] You will see “Pikachu” appear.

[Step 4] Hit “Pikachu” with a ball, and you will get “Pikachu.”

That is all!

“Pikachu” will usually appear if you repeat the action of step 1 four or five times. You should be patient to wait for “Pikachu” with continuous escape, and he will surely appear to join to you.


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Although three monsters will appear in a close distance from you on the map, there will be no battle unless you tap them. In other words, you should be careful for not to be rushed to tap them otherwise “Pikachu” will not appear at the moment when you tap them. 

You will of course be able to get “Pikachu” with the usual play, but you will feel happy to have “Pikachu” on the “Handbook” from the day of your debut. Why don’t you try it?