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Explore Tohoku!The best 3 tour programs for foreigners to visit Tohoku 【Unique Potential Discovery】

By Guidable Writers Oct 26, 2017

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Let’s visit Tohoku and get attracted



Do you know that the biggest earthquake hit Tohoku 7 years ago? It was one of the biggest disasters in Japan and damaged Tohoku drastically. However, Tohoku has been recovering thanks to all the supports from other prefectures in Japan and even other countries. Now Tohoku got these attractions it had before the disaster.

“Unique Potential Discovery” is these programs by Reconstruction Agency made to let as many people as possible know about these attractions in Tohoku by visiting there actually. In these programs, you will visit Tohoku and thus be able to learn Tohoku culture and history. On October, you can pick any program out of 11 programs. In this article, I will write about 3 programs Guidable members recommend.



1. Experience Japanese Pottery! (with Manpuu kiln)



The first recommended program is pottery.

In this program, you can make your own Japanese tea cup or Japanese pot. You will see all the processes to do Japanese pottery.

Don’t know how to make pottery? No worries. You will learn from Japanese craftsman who has been making them in Tohoku for ling time. You can not only experience making pottery, but also see how these professionals make the authentic works.

Actually, not even many Japanese people have experienced pottery. Why don’t you try to learn this beautiful work and show it to your Japanese/hometown friends?

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2.Learn history! (more than a thousand of years history in Tohoku)



The next program Guidable recommend is the history tour that you visit castles and many other history spots. Through this tour, you can learn traditional Japanese mindset such as Bushido (Samurai spirit) and also the economic system made by these Samurai mindsets.

Many famous Samurai in the past were from Tohoku area actually. One of the most famous Samurai becks then from Tohoku was Date Masamune(伊達政宗). He was also known as Dokuganryu, meaning “one-eyed dragon,” a reference to his military might and also the fact that he only had one eye.

This program is 7 days tour programs. If you have any interest in Japanese history, this program would be the perfect one for you.

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3.Learn about Japanese local companies!




The last program recommended by Guidable is the tour to learn about Tohoku’s local economy. By visiting these main companies in Tohoku, you can learn “Japanese companies’ strategy in the long run”.  The best point about this tour is that you can visit companies with many industries such as food industry, traditional long-established shops, and equipment manufacturing industry.

Besides learning these Japanese companies in general, you can try their traditional foods made by the company thorough this tour.

Also, it would be cool to learn how these companies recovered from the disaster in the past.

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What are you waiting for? Lets go to Tohoku!


We introduce you only 3 programs in this article out of 11 programs. If you got interested in this program, check them out by clicking the link below to know more about the other programs.

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