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3 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Places in Hiroshima

By Guidable Writers Apr 1, 2017

It is time to cherry blossom viewing. Have you already planned for this year? If you are staying around Hiroshima Pref., do you know there are several good places for it? Most of the famous destinations also have cherry blossom viewing area, and you can visit there and enjoy both cherry blossom viewing and sightseeing. These are some picks of the best cherry blossom viewing places.

Best Place Senko-ji Park, Onomichi

Historic Senko-ji Temple is one of the landmark of the city of Onomichi, and view from the temple is well known as the typical scenery. Not only cherry trees, you can also see beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea and islands. There are bonboris (Japanese paper lantern) around the park which is illuminated at night, and you may visit there for yozakura viewing. The best season is the beginning of April. These trees in the park is registered as “The Best 100 Cherry Blossom in Japan”. The cosmetics like fragrance, lip cream, etc. which are inspired by cherry blossom in the temple are also available at hotel, souvenir shop, CVS etc. in the city, and it is good for the memory of Onomichi.

Best Place Fukuyama Castle, Fukuyama

Because it is located in front of Fukuyama Station, you might have seen Fukuyama Castle once from the bullet train window. There is operated as park and museum of history which shows old weapons, local culture from the Edo to the Meiji era, etc. The top floor is the observation deck which can get a full view of downtown Fukuyama. There are 300 cherry trees which contains various types in the park, and you can stay there both at day time and night. Yozakura hours are from sunset to 10 p.m.

Best Place Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima

It might be unexpected, but the Peace Memorial Park, located in heart of Hiroshima, is also popular cherry blossom viewing place. However, people don’t have drinking party around the memorial. It is usually held at a dry riverbed side of the park. There are also hundreds of cherry trees, and cherry blossom viewing party is accepted. Holding the party there is kind of memorial for bunch of victims. Unfortunately, number of young people who don’t know when the atomic bombing happened have been increasing and some blossom viewers might have a riotous time. Especially many people don’t really think very well of non-Japanese blossom viewers yet because they are much noisier than Japanese viewers and leave their trash there. Experiencing traditional Japanese culture might be exciting, but you are supposed to read between the line.