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3 Japanese Language Schools Nominated in The Study Travel Star Awards

By Guidable Writers Sep 8, 2017

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When you start to look for any language schools to study Japanese, you might get stuck from the beginning. There are many languages school wide spread all over Japan, so some of you might feel very tough to choose one school. You might want to give up to search your ideal school, but please don’t give up until you read through this article!



<The Study Travel Star Awards>

There is an award for evaluate companies in the study and travel industry, which is called “the Study Travel Star Awards”. It has been held in the UK for 11 years, and every agency or school has been competing to get an honour from this awards, and has been worked so hard through years and years. In the world language school category, there are three Japanese language schools were nominated for this year. I will introduce what those three schools have as their strength in this article. So you might be able to find a school which is suitable for your studying plan in Japan.



  1. Kai Japanese Language School

3 Japanese Language Schools nominated in the Study Travel Star Awards

Kai Japanese Language School has started up in Shinjyuku in Tokyo in 1987. This school has supplied effective lessons towards the every students’ needs for learning Japanese. They have devised their original materials using iPad. They will provide you iPad and it lets you learn Japanese through their digital learning system called KAI⋮DLS. This school also use the iBooks as its textbooks and iTunes U as class materials, and homework handing in. iTunes U is also used for teachers to post aiming to stay connect with students and encouraging them. The class materials are not only its advantage. If you are doubtful if this school is for you or not, you can try its class, and will not cost you any Yen! Of course, if you don’t think this school is not follow your plans, you don’t have to force yourself to commute here.


  • Courses choices following your desire

Kai Japanese Language School has several courses that you can choose, to meet your demands. If you are the serious learner of Japanese, you may select “General Japanese Language Course”. In this course, you will learn 4 segments of Japanese skills such as Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. This course can match to the every students need with flexible curriculums and in 8 different levels classes. You can expect the effectiveness in a short time period. If you are a beginner learner of Japanese, “Practical Conversation Course” would be your choice. This is a course focused on Japanese conversations. What you get from this course will be helpful in your daily life in Japan. Additionally, there are courses concentrating in business Japanese, and mixing with travelling in Japan.




  1. ISI

3 Japanese Language Schools nominated in the Study Travel Star Awards

ISI is the language school launched at Nagano in 1977 and now they have their education institutions abroad and they have bunch of cultural exchange programs between partner schools. ISI group has 4 Japanese language schools at 3 sites in Japan, 2 schools in Tokyo, 1 in Kyoto, and 1 in Nagano. The school in Kyoto was established in July in 2017. Each campus has each characteristic. In Kyoto campus, you will learn Japanese traditional culture while you learn Japanese in the school thanks to its great location which is in the centre of Kyoto tourism spots. This language school especially are appropriate with people who want to prepare for the next stage of education in Japanese university.


  • Courses focusing your career

As mentioned above, ISI can help you step up your new academic career in Japan. They also have some different type of courses focusing on learning culture or writing. And depends on which school you are going to, you can choose any tipes of studying level and field. But in this article, the course in Tokyo for students expecting to enter the Japanese university will be introduced. Firstly, students will take a 9 months studying course about basic Japanese skill, and after that, they can choose one course from 6 elective classes for 9 months period. You can decide which course fits your purpose.


ISI HP: http://www.isi-education.com/ja/


  1. Genki JACS

3 Japanese Language Schools nominated in the Study Travel Star Awards

Genki JACS is a Japanese language school located in two sites in Fukuoka and Tokyo in Japan. It is a school spotlighting especially in a conversation. So this school might be your first choice if you get to be skilled in Japanese conversation. This school has got a prize from the Star Awards last year 2016. So you can expect the effective result from its education. This school’s unique point is also a group of students. They usually take their students from native English speaking country, so it might be easier for English speaker to find any friends who can help you to study Japanese language by your mother tongue if you need it.


  • Course focused on conversation skill

Genki JACS has 6 different courses and you can pick up the one fulfilling your purpose to study. If you are the beginner of Japanese and need to know useful sentences to live in the Japanese life, “Standard Japanese Course” will be your choice. You can learn in a small group, and enjoy the conversation in Japanese as much as you want. If you need more advanced sector, you may choose “Japanese Plus Conversation”. If you are really fan of Japanese culture, you can accomplish your aim through courses “Japanese Plus Traditional Culture” or “Japanese Plus Pop Culture”. Moreover, They have a long term course for a year, and also short term course for tourists.


Genki JACS HP: http://www.genkijacs.com/index.htm

3 Japanese Language Schools nominated in the Study Travel Star Awards

One of the three schools mentioned above must be the one which can gain your Japanese skill. Check them out before you decide your school, and accomplish your aim towards Japanese!



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