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Master your first date with Japanese girl – 3 places to go in Tokyo!

By Guidable Writers Oct 22, 2017

If you find a nice girl in Japan and would like to find somewhere that you can entertain her and have fun together with her. If you enjoy drinking alcohol, and so does she, a bar would be a perfect choice, however, you might be confused which bar to go as there are so many of them in the Tokyo. Therefore, I would like to recommend 3 bars which will make the girl like you more if you take her there. So check it out for a date on the next weekend!







The first café bar is called IVY PLACES, which is located in Daikanyama (代官山). IVY PLACES is famous for that fashionable style of Italian meal and its bar. The restaurant has a very stylish atmosphere which is suitable for matured couples going to have a date. IVY PLACES is a house style building, so it is apart from the any huge buildings in the heart of Tokyo, it is surrounded by green areas which have lot trees or grasses like a forest. The restaurant concept is a library inside of a forest, so the couple can enjoy their time without being disturbed. In IVY PLACES, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch as well, which means you can choose to have more casual dating style in the morning or afternoon. It is recommended to book in advance if you plan for a dinner since the place has become famous even for the celebrity, so it might be crowded and busy in the evening.


2.Hachigatsu no Kujira (八月の鯨)



If you and your girlfriend love to watch movies and enjoy a beer together, Hachigatsu no Kujira is the best place for your first date. In this bar, you can enjoy cocktails named to movie titles. Those cocktails are mortified from = the movie. For example, there is a famous and popular movie, LA LA LAND. In that movie, the main character is a girl who is an actress. You will see how she wears pretty her dress through the movie, which makes the movie itself more attractive for girls. For the many of girls rememeber the green dress which is the one she was wearing in the movie, in Hachigatsu no Kujira, you can get a cocktail expressing her green dress, and how she lives in that movie. So just like this, you can order some titles of movies to a bartender who knows a lot of movies, and you can enjoy the movie and great tasted original cocktails at the same time. It is highly recommended to go to the bar after watching some movies in a cinema, then you will get more topics to talk in the bar.





(image : DEN AQUAROOM HP/×560.jpg)


The bar called DEN AQUAROOM located in Shinjuku is one of the best places to enjoy the nice atmosphere of dating. In this bar, you can have a dinner and drinks with a unique decoration, what makes this bar original — the aquarium they place inside. You can see how tropical fish swim around while drinking your favorite beverage there, at the same time, the bar also has skilled bartenders who can provide you the perfect cocktails for a date with your special girl.


The places you should not take your girlfriend for dinner or drink

There are some places that girls do not want you to take her to for the first date. Even if she mentions nothing about the place where you take, she might complain with friends after the date. In Japan, most of the girls do not say anything if they do not like what you do for a first dating because she will be still on the way to examine if you are a right man for her. So if you take her to the wrong places, she might not say anything and but leave.

There are some examples which are not suitable for the first dating. The first place is Izakaya which is a Japanese style of bars to drink some alcohols. You can see Izakaya in everywhere in Tokyo, and you might feel that’s a good choice for casual dating. However, there are some girls who do not like to go there for a dating because they think Izakaya as a place to go with her friends. Another place to avoid is the one called a family restaurant in Japan, as this kind of restaurant is too cheap for a date.



If you find a Japanese girl who you want to have a date with, choose the location carefully. The restaurants and bars I recommended above will definitely be safe choices. Wish you good luck for the next date!


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