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3 Things of Being Careful about Official Drinking Party

By Guidable Writers Apr 8, 2017

It’s Time for Farewell and Welcoming Party

It is now April. In Japan, the fiscal year starts from this month and it means it is the season of encounter and farewell. Of course, you would experience it at school, office, etc. and often join drinking party recently. When you drink with Japanese friends/co-workers at the party, there are 3 things of being careful about especially official one. Keep harmony among the members, but you may advocate your matter occasionally.



Things 1  You Don’t Always Have to Drink Alcohol

It is customary throughout the world that drinking party starts with making a toast. In Japan, people usually order a beer at the time. But there are some people who don’t like beer or don’t drink alcohol. If you are so, you may order other beverages like the picture below even other members tease you. Of course, you must not order any alcohol if you drive a car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. The most important thing is having fun during the party.



Things ② Make Cleaner Than You Have Arrived

When you have a drinking party out of doors (includes cherry blossom viewing), you are supposed to pay attention to trash. When you are on the plane, in the bullet train, at the movie theater, you might be surprised at Japanese people clean up around their seat when they leave. It doesn’t mean they rob work from cleaning staff. Instead of doing it, you put the responsibility on them. In Japan, the slogan is well known for people; “Make cleaner than you have arrived”. You should remember that there are more people who go there and have a party after you.




Things ③ Have Courage to Go Home Earlier

If you are having a lot of fun, you might change place to continue the party. Or even you want to go home earlier because you need to do something at home, get up earlier than usual the next morning, etc., but party might go on. If you feel disinclined to go to the after party, you may leave earlier. If you are drinking with Japanese co-workers, they might say you can’t go home until you drink more, sing a song, etc. Many people say that it is “nomination (no-kai + communication), but some Japanese young workers don’t really like it these days. If you can’t find the reason to do it, it is one of a good way that you set alarm on your cell phone. In any case, have fun, open up with your friend’s co-workers, but don’t drink too much.