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5 Unique Places Japanese Find a True Partner

By Guidable Writers May 2, 2017

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If you want to find a partner, what will you do and where will you go? Today I will introduce you 7 unique ways to find a partner here in Japan.





Go-kon is a joint party that same numbers of guys and girls (usually 3-4 each) socialize in a group at a restaurant. Guys often lead the conversation and try to amuse girls, and games are sometimes played to make it more fun.

 Go-kon is organized using the connection of friends, so they, not complete strangers.




Konkatsu means actions to find a match. There are many kinds of Konkatsu parties by several corporations and are often separated by age, job status or income (usually for men), for remarrying only, or in a private room talk.

 You pay the participation fee and talk with everyone of the opposite sex. Participation fee for men is often higher than women, so the guys are more or less serious. It’s nice you can talk to every guys/girl, but there are so many people that you find it hard to remember who. The party often takes place without drinks, so you get tired afterward.. but it’s still a good way to find new people.




Aiseki means sharing a table, and Izakaya is a Japanese casual style restaurant. Usually, two girls and two guys share a table with food and drinks. Good news for women: It’s no charge for women with free drinks and food! Guys have to pay, but instead, they don’t have troubles having a girl group to sit with. If you want to change the group, you can also ask for the change.





Shumi means hobbies. There are activity-related matching parties such as cooking, playing sports, manga, etc… Shumi-cons are good for people who aren’t good at keeping the conversation or get bored easily. You can find people with same interests and can also see their natural attitude through the activity.



Marriage Agency (Kekkon So-banjo)

It’s a place people who seriously want to marry register with their ID. They will find a match according to the wish list. It’s maybe the quickest way to find a good and serious match.


Some parents organize a date using their connection for their son/daughter, but it’s getting less popular these days. Most people want to find their own partner themselves.




Have you found a good one for yourself? Let’s try one and find a good match! Well, it will at least be a fun experience for you!