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5 Useful Sentences to Confess to Your Other Half

By Miku Mar 8, 2018

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What did You do on Valentine’s day?

If you are single or have someone special with whom you’re dating now, you might wish to be with them (her/him) on that day!

As you might already know, in Japan, firstly you need to confess your feelings to someone you like and get a permission from them to start a relationship.

But do you know how to confess? What to say? You need to decide the sentence you will say in advance since you won’t be able to think clearly while nervous and in front of them!

Here are 5 useful sentences that might help you with your confession!

1. I love ○○. (○○が好きです。○○ga sukidesu.)

This is one of the common sentences in Japan to confess our feelings to someone we like. You have to put her/his name before (instead of ○○).

You can say their name directly without honorifics if you are already close enough with her/him (or she/he already asked you to call them without it).

However, if they are around same age as you or younger, you better call them with Chanちゃん (for a girl) or Kunくん(for a boy). On the other hand, if they are older than you, please put Sanさんafter their name, which can be used for both woman and men. Also, ‘Sukidesu’ means either ‘like’ or ‘love’ in Japanese, so you can use ‘Daisukidesu’ as the meaning of ‘like you so much’ or ‘love’ instead! Plus, you can remove ‘desu’ if you don’t have to be polite to that person (if he/she is younger than you!).

2. Please date me. (付き合ってください。)

This is also the sentence that lots of Japanese people use in general when they confess their feelings to you.

In Japan, normally, a pair becomes a couple after they’ve been on several dates, confessed their feelings to each other and agreed with each other.

Therefore, it means ‘Please DATE me’ in English, but actually, you can become a couple with him/her if they say yes to this sentence! You’d better choose this sentence if you wish to not only express your feelings but also get a clear answer from them to become a couple.

Moreover, you can withdraw ‘kudasaiください’ from the sentence if you don’t have to be polite to them!

3. Please stay with me forever. (ずっと一緒にいてください。Zutto isshoniitekudasai.)

This phrase is more for guys since it sounds cool and brave.

However, you shouldn’t use it unless you are close enough to them.

Being Friends or dating for a long time and you are 100% sure they also want to be with you forever!

Otherwise, they might doubt your feelings since it’s easy to make them imagine marriage.

In addition, please don’t forget to mention that you want to stay with them for a long time as a COUPLE! Because when it doesn’t say clearly “as a couple” or “as friends”, some people might think that you would like to be only friends (for a long time)!

Also, you can take out ‘kudasaiください’as casual expression, but I do not advise changing the end of the sentence, even a little bit  ‘isshoniitehoshii一緒にいてほしい’, since ‘isshoniite一緒にいて’ sounds more aggressive.

4. Please be my boyfriend/girlfriend if it’s okay with you. (もしよかったら、彼氏/彼女にしてください。Moshiyokattara, kareshi/kanojo ni shitekudasai.)

It’s a bit long sentence, but it sounds like you hesitate to ask and want to be very polite. Therefore, if you don’t have much confidence in that she/he will say yes, this sentence is suitable for you!

Because if they don’t wish to be with you, they can easily say NO to your offer as you seem already prepared your heart for a negative answer!

However, you need to say this sentence with confidence, otherwise, you might leave an impression of unconfident and negative person!

In addition, it’s possible for them to have a crush on you with this sentence even if they haven’t paid attention until that time!

So, just tell this to them humbly and powerfully! As you know, you can remove ‘kudasaiください’ from the sentence in a casual situation, but it would sound softer if you say ‘shitekurenaikanaしてくれないかな’ or ‘shitehosinaしてほしいな’.

5. I feel calm when I am with you. (一緒にいて安心します。Isshoniite anshinshimasu.)

This sentence is similar to ‘ずっと一緒にいてくださいZutto isshoniitekudasai’ because you want to stay with them since you feel calm when you are around them!

So this phrase should make them trust your feelings for them.

However, it works only when you are already close enough or have dated a lot!

Otherwise, they’ll lose their trust in you!

Moreover, you have to mention that you want to be a couple with them because of that, as the sentence doesn’t mention being a couple! Otherwise, She/He might think you just praise them for their personality.

In a casual expression, you can say ‘Anshinsuru安心する’ instead of ‘Anshinshimasu安心します’.

Romantic season for couples will be over soon, but ‘white dayホワイトデー’ is soon, which is the day when you need to return a gift to someone who gave you a gift on Valentine’s day.

Even if you didn’t get any gifts on that day and you are still single, don’t worry. It is still a romantic day! It’s a suitable time to confess to someone you like! Just ask him/her out and tell them how you feel!

But please don’t forget to prepare the sentences you will use on your special day!

Hope my advice will help you and you’ll start a new relationship! Good luck!