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6 perfect parks for dating in Tokyo and Osaka

By Guidable Writers Oct 8, 2017

When you go on a date with someone in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, where do you choose to go? Tired of having a meal or going to the cinema? A park could be your new choice for the location of next date! You do not need to break the bank as feasting at a fancy restaurant and enjoy a moment of relief from the fast-paced daily life. Which park has the perfect scenery in Tokyo/Osaka? If you do not have any ideas of which park to go, read through this article and find your personal favorite!


The parks available for a nice date in Tokyo

You might be doubtful if there’s any park in Tokyo, as it is such an urban city filled with skyscrapers, however, there are several really nice parks that will blow your mind when having a date there.


Yoyogi Park (代々木公園)

The Yoyogi park is one of the famous dating hubs for couples in Tokyo. There are a lot of performers and artists doing their exhibitions inside the park, some practice their acting in a play, others sing their self-composed music pieces. So, it’s pretty practical for a date with someone you don’t know a lot about, as watching the performances would probably help you get rid of the akward situation when there was no topic to talk about. In addition, Yoyogi park holds festivals on the weekend sometimes, so you can choose a day, on which there’s a lot of things going on in the park.


Inogashira Park (井之頭公園)

This park called Inogashira, it is located in Kichijyoji (吉祥寺), one of the popular dating spot in Tokyo. Kichijyoji is the place with nice cafes and shops, which means if you go there for a date, you could also enjoy shopping and having a nice cup of coffee. The park itself also has a lot of charms for couples, there is a big pond inside of the park, where people can take a boat with their partner and spend a relaxed afternoon/evening. Besides the pond, there are some benches for taking a seat when getting tired of walking around. In addition, there are some message plates on each bench from people who donated them to the park. It might be also interesting to read through and talk about it a little bit.


ShinjyukuGyoen (新宿御苑)

The famous park in Shinjuku in the middle of Tokyo, Shinjyuku Gyoen is a nice spot for a couple to enjoy the nature in the city. It costs you 200 yen to enter this park, but it is definitely worth it. Shinjyuku Gyoen locates 10 minutes walking away from Shinjyuku Station. In Shinjuku Gyoen, three park styles are included, a Japanese one, a French one, and a British one. You can feel the Japanese history through the traditional style of the Japanese garden. In the French garden, you can look roses blooming in summer. In the British garden, you can see the big area of grass, so it is perfect place to lay down and chat with your partner. Inside of the park, there are many people chilling on the grass or sitting on a bench. You can enjoy walking around in the park, but it is not only the way to spend a day in this park.


Nice dating places in Osaka

In Osaka, there are also places you can enjoy the nice nature outside the city center. Check them out and save it for later!


The Osaka Castle

If you live in Osaka, you might have already been to the Osaka Castle. The castle itself is very helpful for learning the Japanese history, however, you can also enjoy the green area surrounding a castle. The Osaka Castle has a huge free area around the castle, where a lot of people go jogging or chilling around, you can also enjoy a nice walk and take a rest with your partner. At behind of the castle, there is a shrine called Houkoku shurine (豊国神社), which is the quietest place in the park, therefore, if you get tired of walking, you can have a seat there and take a rest.


Expo’ 70 Commemorative Park(万博公園)

Expo’ 70 Commemorative Park is located in Suita City(吹田市). Now this area is famous for the amusement park called EXIPO CITY, which has a shopping mall and aquarium called NIFREL and other entertainment facilities. However, do not forget to go to the park in this area. Expo’ 70 Commemorative Park has a lot of green inside of the park, so you can escape from the busy atmosphere from Osaka. In this park, you could enjoy the sight of various flowers blooming in the each season, therefore, take your camera with you for some nice photos and make a unique memory with your partner there.


Rinku Park (りんくう公園)

This Rinku Park is located along the bay in Osaka, which means you get to see the ocean in front of you when going there for a date. There are also some flowers inside the park, these flowers are placed along the path that makes it a perfect place for strolling. This park is also great for observing the sunset, just take your partner to sit down on the stairs on Taiko Bridge inside the park. Occasionally, some music festivals and various types of other events will be held in this area.


Enjoy your next date at these amazing parks with your partner!