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7 Things to Bring to Ohanami That You Can Get From the 100 Yen Shop

By Guidable Writers Mar 30, 2017

When it comes to spring in Japan, the first thing that comes up with is Ohanamiお花見(Cherry blossom viewing).Cherry blossoms bloom between late March and April, in Kanto and Kansai area. People enjoy drinks and foods with their family, colleagues, friends etc. Today, I’d like to tell you some items you should bring to Ohanami and those items are all in the 100yen shop.

1. Garbage bags

Japanese people are often told when we are a child,「来た時よりも美しく」(Kita toki yori mo utsukushiku)or「使う前より美しく」(Tsukau mae yori utsukushiku).

This means you should keep where/ what you use cleaner than it was. So please don’t forget to bring garbage bags to keep the place clean or even cleaner. I know some people might think, why I should take the garbage which already there, but, once you took out that garbage, the next people will use the place would feel comfortable.

2. Toilet paper

If it isn’t Ohanami season, there’s toilet paper in the public washroom in Japan. But every day in this particular season, there is way too many people in the park so it often runs out. So please don’t forget to bring some in your bag.For your tip, as for the women, the line could be really long sometimes it took an hour to wait so keep it your mind you don’t want to hold at such long time.

3. Wet wipes

It can be sometimes hard to find a tab in the park. If you bring wet wipes, it’s easy to clean your hand. You can get so many varieties of one of those from 100 yen shop. I recommend getting some says除菌.JOKIN(means it has an alcohol-based antiseptic effect.)

4. Picnic mats or blanket

You can get plastic picnic mats or even blanket in 100 yen shop. They offer one sheet for one person or for a few person can sit. It usually larger if some patterns are not printed on.

5. Heat isolation sheet

In the cherry blossom season, the weather is warm and sunny in the daytime but when it gets evening, it goes chilly. アルミシート(ARUMI SHIITO) keeps you warm.Place it under the blanket or picnic mats, it will help to shut the cold from the ground.

6. Cooler

If you get one of those in loft, Tokyu hands or Donki hote, it cost more but there is Styrofoam one in 100 yen shop. If you wanna enjoy your beverages nice and cold, you should get one.

7. Sakura themed items

This season is only once a year and it won’t last long..that’s why we love this season. If you want to make the most of it, you should get Sakura themed items. There are napkins, plastic cups, paper plates etc etc. Enjoy your meal with those Sakura themed items!


I hope you enjoy your hanami this year!

Ami Kikuchi, Japan