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Adorable Christmas cakes you can only find in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Dec 18, 2017

Hello, everyone! Already outside is full of Christmas decorations and people preparing for Christmas parties.

Do you have any plans for Christmas parties with friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend? Have you tried any cute cakes yet?

In this article, I want to introduce some adorable cakes for Christmas you can only find in Japan! These cakes are nice for parties as Christmas foods to enjoy.

Hopefully you find some here that you might be interested in.


1.Large dome type cake made with nine strawberries- 5,162 yen

Strawberry Christmas of holy night (Seiya no strawberry Christmas) is sold at Radish boya. This cake uses rich Tochiotome, the Japanese big premium strawberry. The surface is covered with nine sliced strawberries, so the appearance is very gorgeous. If you eat this one, you will be draw in by the harmony of premium raw cream and Tochiotome strawberries which taste both sweet and sour.

If you prefer Strawberries, you have to select this cake as your Christmas dessert! You will surely be satisfied with this large dome type cake!

You can buy this adorable cake from the Takashimaya online store. This cake is delivered by refrigerated courier service, therefore it takes some time for it to thaw.

Check out the online shop of Takashimaya to prepare Christmas food!


2.You want try Japanese style Christmas sweets? Try this cake, 3780 yen!

If you want to try funny, cute, odd but also sophisticated cakes, you should choose this cake! This cake’s name is “Japanese confectionary cake of Kyoto”, sold at the confectionary shop Kikuharu. This cake is made from a steamed yeast bun, with filling called “Joyo Manju”. The kinds are Santa Claus and reindeer. This is a collaboration of western Christmas and Japanese style! If you prefer Japanese confectionaries or want to try curious and beautiful cakes such as these for Christmas sweets, let’s check Takashimaya online store. This cake uses azuki beans made in Tanba, of the Hyogo prefecture. Enjoy your Christmas party with a Japanese style cake! This cake is also delivered by refrigerated courier service, so it take time to thaw.

I think when you eat this cake, it is better to drink Japanese green tea than other drinks like coffee or milk tea, because these azuki beans’ taste matches with green tea, or some Japanese tea. Therefore you should try to prepare tea, too. If you invite a friend who is an enthusiastic fan of Japanese confectionaries, she or he will be happy!

And, if you have dishes which have a Japanese or Japanese tea cup pattern, the atmosphere will shift to a Japanese one.


3.Large dorm type Mont Blanc cake for Christmas of Seiyo Ginza, 4,860 yen.

Do you like chestnuts? If you do, I recommend trying “Western Christmas Mont Blanc” (Christmas Seiyo Mont Blanc) for your Christmas dessert.

This cake is a large dome type cake, covered with chestnut cream.

It’s appearance is very gorgeous and seems tasty. We can find many Christmas sweets made with chocolate or whipped cream, but chestnut cream flavour is more rare. Therefore, if you’d prefer a chestnut cream cake for Christmas dessert, I recommend you order this cake. You can order it at the Tokyo branch of Daimaru-Matsuzakata department store.

You can share this cake(or not!) with 4 or 5 people. Let’s enjoy Christmas with this cake!


4.Briliant appearance! Noel Monger of Maison Kayser-  5,400 yen

I researched some cakes for Christmas, and found a very gorgeous cake named “Noel Monger” (menas eating holy night in French language) This is a tart rather than a cake, so the bottom is made of a tart. The surface is covered with many berries, and decorated by brilliant plates which looks like snow.

If you prefer tarts and berries, you have to buy this cake! This cake is sold at the Tokyo branch of Daimaru-Matsuzakaya department store. You will be attracted by it’s appearance and after tasting it, you will be so satisfied. Let’s check online and have fun with this cake! This size is large, so you can share with 5 or 6 people if you want!


5.Forbidden premium chocolate cakes!? – 3,490 yen

What is forbidden premium chocolate cake? Maybe you are asking, “what is forbidden”? I will introduce this cake and explain why.

This cake is sold by Rakuten online. In 2016, Rakuten sold 18,110 of these cakes! People who bought this cake loved it and many have come back every year as a repeat customer. The return customer percentage is over 79%! What an amazing cake!

This cake is made of choux, which is French sweets, so this cake is really choux cakes rather than a regular cake. Especially, this cakes selling point is chocolate. There are many chocolate cakes, but this one is different. This cake is made from Belgian chocolate, and is composed of 5 chocolate layers.

The base is choux Paris Brest, French sweets made of choux pastry and flavoured cream. The center is mini choux, milk flavour chocolate cream, bitter chocolate cream, rich caramel sponge cake, and rich chocolate sponge cake.

If you like rich chocolate cake, I recommend you purchase from the Rakuten online shop! This is the reason why this cake is called “forbidden premium chocolate cake”.

According to Rakuten’s website, sometimes this cake is sold out even before the Christmas season! So you should hurry if you want one!

This cake is big but also is not so expensive, so if you are a student or person who needs to save money, this is useful for a Christmas party. Also, the postage is free! This is an advantage of the Rakuten online shop.

On the surface, 6 choux exists, therefore you can share with 6 people!


How about these cakes that I introduced in this article? Adorable cakes are a little expensive, but they are worth it. Christmas is coming, and you should decide on Christmas food, sweets, decorations and so on. If you have plans to host a Christmas party, you should reserve a cake in advance. Your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend will be happy if you choose adorable cakes for Christmas which you can only find in Japan! Let’s enjoy Christmas with an adorable desert.