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Amazing instant food in Japan

By Guidable Writers Feb 17, 2017


You can make yummy sushi rice quickly with “Sushitaro”!


What’s “Sushitaro”?

“Sushitaro” is a very convenient seasoning product which allows you to make sushi rice (sweet and sour rice flavoured with vinegar) very quickly and easily. You can find “Sushitaro” at most supermarkets in Japan. That means that “Sushitaro” is popular among people in Japan. Especially young kids like the taste, so not a few mothers use it to make chirashizushi, which is served on special celebration events such as the Hina Doll Festival or a birthday party and so on. Of course it’s no problem to use it for daily meals. It costs only around 300 yen for 4 people serving!


(Reference: Nagatanien)



What is included in “Sushitaro”

Sweet and sour syrup which is mainly made from sweet vinegar is included in a retort package. Shredded carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and other vegetables are also included in it. Thin nori (dried sea-weed paper) strips and roasted sesame are also attached in a different small bag to be used as a topping.



What you need to prepare

“Sushitaro” and 1.5 gou cup (270 cc) of dried rice for 2 people serving

(Topping materials as you like)



How to cook

First you need to cook rice (or you can microwave already-cooked rice but fresh-cooked rice tastes much better).

Next, pour “Sushitaro” into the rice and mix them. That’ it!

However, you should remember the two important tips to make the sweet-flavored sushi rice delicious. First, the way to mix them is a little bit special. Move a rice scoop just like cutting the whole rice. It’s because you can avoid ruining each grain of the rice and its texture by mixing that way. DO NOT stir the mixture like you do soup!

Second, fan the rice while you are mixing or after mixing it. Cooling the rice quickly makes it glossy and delicious.



The simplest recipe with “Sushitaro”

Just make a rice ball. If you use plastic wrap sheet, you even don’t need to wash your hands. Spread wrap and put the sushi rice on it, wrap it, and make a ball. It’s very simple food but kids definitely like the rice balls! Generally, vinegar is said to relieve fatigue, so sushi rice balls are suitable lunch for outdoor activities!



Advanced recipes with “Sushitaro”

Chirashizushi is one of the Japanese famous dishes, and you can make it very easily with “Sushitaro”. You just need prepare toppings on the sushi rice. Typical toppings for chirashizushi are thin egg strips, boiled shrimps, and sashimi (sliced raw fish).


Recently, sushi cake has been popular. It’s easy to shape the rice like a whole cake, because the sushi rice is a little bit stickier than normal rice.


(Reference: Nagatanien)



You can check the detailed English instructions or more information about “Sushitaro” at the official website of Nagatanien, the product’s maker.