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An Extraordinary Interactive Museum in Hiroshima Ride, See, Touch, Take Some Pictures

By Guidable Writers Jul 11, 2016

We visit museums to see their exhibitions and occasionally take some pictures.

It is usually prohibited that riding or touching them, however, there is an extraordinary museum in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Pref. which both of them are accepted.

The Fukuyama Auto & Clock Museum (FACM) was opened by some local realtor/old cars collector as an interactive museum on July 4, 1989. FACM has extraordinary concept above; “Ride, See, Touch, Take Some Pictures”. It is also known for unique collections of old cars displaying both inside and outside of the museum because most of them are intentionally not completely restored to show them as they were at that time. Also you might be surprised at some wax dolls’ greeting like President Obama, General MacArthur, Commodore Perry, etc.


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Do You Like Japanese Old Cars?

There are many old cars museum throughout Japan. However, there are no other museum like FACM. Even though there are no sports cars or supercars, it collects Japanese old popular cars, commercial vehicles, buses, etc. These exhibitions are basically collected by the curator, however, some of them are donated by local residents. Staffs are good at restoration technique of old cars. They get these cars which was disused once, then restore them to be in running condition and get their registration number again. Because of its unique collections, FACM is occasionally offered its collections’ lending to be appeared on TV dramas and movies.


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Other Features – Clocks, Wax Dolls, etc.

FACM’s another features are bunch of old clocks/watches, electrical appliances, wax dolls, musical instruments, etc. These clocks/watches have also a wide variety; pocket watches, wall clocks, and tower clocks both made in Japan and imported. It also has old Japanese style clocks made in Edo and Meiji era and you can study the history of them. Therefore, the musical instruments include the piano and you may also play this.

FACM occasionally offers discount on admission fees, and June 10 each year is applied the discount because it is called “Time Day” in Japan and the discount comes from this anniversary.


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(Reference: Gazoo)


Its Signature Bonnet-Type Buses

FACM is also known for old bonnet-type buses’ restoration and appearance on local parades. The best known is the Rose Parade on Fukuyama Rose Festival which is held in the end of May every year. Its classic and colorful bus advertises the museum and makes atmosphere. It also participates Flower Parade on Hiroshima Flower Festival held on May 3 every year to advertise Fukuyama’s popular tourist activities because the museum lends other bonnet-type bus to some local bus company as the activities’ courtesy bus. Not only these parades, its buses also appear on several events and you can check the schedule at FACM’s official site (Japanese only).


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(Reference: FACM)



Address: 3-1-22 Kita-Yoshizucho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima Pref. 720-0073

Tel: 084-922-8188

Opening Hours: 9AM to 6PM (open 7 days a week)

Admission Fees; Adults: 900 yen

65 years or older: 600 yen

Students (Junior & High School): 600 yen

3 years to 6th grade: 300 yen

※Children 18 years or younger are admitted free every Saturday



To use JR Lines: get off at Fukuyama Station, then walk for 12 minutes from the north exit

By taxi. 5-minute ride from the north exit of Fukuyama Station

By car: 15-minute drive from Fukuyama-higashi Interchange of Sanyo Expwy


More info: (Japanese language only)