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Auto Charge to IC card

By Guidable Writers Jul 9, 2016

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1. What is Auto Charge?



It is Japanese-made English word that meaning refill or top-up your fare card. If the balance of electronic money · IC card ticket is less than a certain amount, it is automatically be from the account of financial institution of a mechanism to carry out the charge (payment). Usually, it is credited at the time of entering in the automatic ticket gate.


Reference: Convenient IC card of Japan, issued by railway companies

It is a convenient system because you no longer cannot pass the gate without enough balance of the card and can be saved time and effort of associated with it. Not just ride the train, even in such as shopping at a convenience store, if it falls below the amount of money that the balance has been decided in advance, he fixed amount of money in the automatic ticket gate at the time of the next ride is replenished.

This time, introducing typical IC card, can use Auto-charge system.


2. Typical IC card, can use Auto charge system, issued by railway company

If you would like to use auto-charge system, it is necessary to sign up for a credit card that each railway company partner.

Should check Annual fee in advance because it is different by the card company.


Reference:Can I have a credit card issued in Japan? 

(1) Suica (JR east) (Suica system in English) (Suica auto charge in Japanese)

(2) Pasmo (Tokyo metropolitan area private railway) (Pasmo system in English) (Pasmo auto charge in Japanese)

*Suica and PASMO can use auto-charge system, even in another company route, only in mutual use area of Suica and PASMO. But it cannot use in other IC cards area such as ICOCA.

(3) PiTaPa (Kansai area) (PiTaPa system in English) (PiTaPa auto charge in Japanese)

Refilled amount of money cannot use as an electronic money, only used as a train fare.

(4) nimoca (Fukuoka prefecture, Kyushu area) (nimoca system in Japanese) (nimoca auto charge in Japanese)

(5) nice pass (Shizuoka prefecture, Tokai area) (nice pass system in Japanese) (nice pass auto charge in Japanese)

(6) SPICA (Sapporo, Hokkaido area) (SPICA system in Japanese) (SPICA auto charge in Japanese)

(7) SUGOCA (JR Kyushu) (SUGOCA system in Japanese) (SUGOCA auto charge in Japanese)

It should be noted that the function of auto-charge and electronic money cannot become to use if not used for a certain period of time for security.

If you would move out of the area of the card you should procedure.

Please be careful…that in some cases become unexpectedly large sum at the time of billing because there is no awareness you are using.

Have a convenient card life!