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By Guidable Writers Oct 18, 2017

Having Cold Feet Moving to Japan?

Keep Calm and Get ‘Guidable Japan 101’!

All you need to know about Japan
From the entry at the airport, finding accommodation, basic Know-How’s

to studying, working, earthquake preparation and more!

Each chapter covers a specific topic so that you could

choose the one you particularly interested in and purchase it individually!

You could check the outline of each chapter in the pictures below~

*After finished with the payment, the PDF file of the chapter / the book purchased will be sent via email to you. We hope you will enjoy it 🙂


Each chapter for only $0.99!!

  • Chapter 1
    Entry to Japan

  • Chapter 2
    Culture & Entertainment

  • Chapter 3

  • Chapter 4

  • Chapter 5

  • Chapter 6
    Health Care

The complete eBook (All chapters included) for $2.99!!

All Chapter Set