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Decorate your room for Christmas!

By Guidable Writers Dec 17, 2017

It’s already Christmas season, and it’s coming soon! Outside, you can see Christmas colours like red, green, and white decorating many houses and streets. Such beautiful displays almost everywhere you look!

By the way, have you already decorated your room for Christmas?

Today, I want to introduce 5 nice decorations for your room within different price ranges.

You can buy them one hundred yen to several hundred yen. Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll have some new ideas and have fun decorating your room for Christmas!


1.Use cute gel stickers! Your window will look fully decorated for Christmas!

Your room feels lonely? If you are independent and live alone, it may feel lonely sometimes. In addition, if your rooms’ colours are too simple, it will be far from having the Christmas mood.

Outside, christmas colours are everywhere, so you should choose some cute things to make your room have a wonderful Christmas feeling to it!

You may already know about gel stickers used as window decorations, but did you know that there are also Christmas versions available? The Christmas version stickers are usually Santa Clause, Christmas trees, Jingle bells and so on.

I looked online, at an online catalogue for a store called “Nitori”, which is a Japanese furniture shop which sells not only furniture, but also decorations. At Nitori, Gel stickers come in 6 different varieties and the prices for each are different. The Santa clause set is 277 yen, the animal set is 296yen, the Santa Clause and reindeer set is 370 yen, the snowman set is 370 yen, the Christmas wreath set is 370 yen, and the Santa Clause and Tree set is 277 yen.

Don’t forget, you can also buy such gel stickers at 100 yen stores. Typical 100 yen stores in Japan are Daiso and Seria. These two shops have many nice decoration items for Christmas. You can spend only one hundred yen, and fully decorate your window!


2.Decorate using masking tape! It is useful for decorations!


If you are a woman and have an interest for stationaries, you probably already have some masking tape.

I researched the online shop of Nitori, and found some cute masking tapes which are useful for decorations!

Nitori’s Christmas masking tapes come in 3 kinds, and they sold in sets of two. The designs are Christmas tree, snowman, and Santa Clause. Prices are Christmas Tree for 221 yen, snowman for 369 yen, and Santa Clause for 323 yen. The Christmas tree set is especially cheap, but the prices are not so different overall. You can buy them for less than 350 yen!

Masking tape is very useful. If you live in a rental apartment, you can’t stick tacs into or paint your wall freely. But masking tape is not so sticky, so you can still stick masking tape on your wall without it leaving a mark.

You can hang ornaments that are made out of paper, like Christmas wreaths, using masking tape. This way, you don’t have to stab pins into your wall.

Or, using masking tape, you can create the words “Merry Christmas” on your wall. Big DIY’s will create a Christmassy atmosphere in a flash!


3.Making Christmas wreaths yourself with origami!

Do you know origami? It is the fun Japanese art of folding square sheets of paper into many things. This paper is sold at 100 yen shops or stationary shops. If you are interested in crafts, I recommend trying to make a Christmas wreath by yourself! On the internet, you can find out how to fold the paper to create a wreath. It is said that even children can do it.

If you buy a real Christmas wreath at a store, after Christmas you will have to think of storage space. Especially if you live in a one-room type apartment, Christmas tree and wreath are troublesome. In this case, origami wreathes are useful. You can just throw it away after Christmas, or keep it inside a plastic file, and wreaths made from origami are light, therefore you can hang it on your wall using masking tape, which is mentioned above.

You just buy origami paper, masking tape for hanging, and glue. If you buy them at 100 yen shops, you can pay as little as 324yen including tax.

Let’s try making Christmas wreaths using origami, and hang it on your wall for Christmas!


4.Use LED lights on your wall! Gorgeous atmosphere!

Even if you live in a one-room type apartment and don’t have a garden, you can still enjoy Christmas lights in your room! I researched some online stores and found some nice LED lights for Christmas.

If you are busy studying or working, you can simply order from stores like Amazon. On Amazon, Christmas LED lights are around 1099yen to 1650yen. Don Quijote the Japanese big discount store which sells many cheap LED lights. You can buy these online too. Don Quijote’s LED lights are around 798yen, 2780yen, and 4480yen.

If your room is not so big, you may choose the cheapest one to decorate with.

If you get one, let’s decorate it on your wall! Use pins or masking tape for decoration.

Be careful and avoid putting paper or something easy to burn around the lights, because the lights may heat up if you leave them on for a while.

Turn off the bedroom light, and turn on the LED lights! Your room’s atmosphere will shift to Christmas!


5.Use coloured braids and big plates to welcome your friends!

If you have plans to have a Christmas party at your home, you should prepare to welcome your friends with a Christmas atmosphere. I already wrote 4 decoration ideas with prices and shops, however now I would like to to introduce how to decorate your entrance.

If you want to welcome your friends with a Christmas atmosphere, you should visit a 100 yen shop or Don Quijote, the discount shop. You can buy colour braids for 99 yen to 100 yen there, and big welcome plates are also sold. I checked the online shop for Don Quijote, and braids are 99 yen, big plates are 798yen, and big ribbon (sets of 2) are 498yen. Of course, you can buy such items at 100 yen shops, too.

Hang them busing pins, tape or hooks, and decorate your entrance! Your friends will be happy if they visit, and so will you, as you spent only around 1000 yen! What a cheap price it is. After decorating inside your room, decorating the entrance is perfect!


How do you feel about these ideas? If you haven’t decorated your room yet, let’s try these decorations! You don’t need  to pay much for these. You can visit 100 yen shops, discount shops, and Nitori, the Japanese furniture shop! Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in your room, and have fun with friends or your boyfriend / girlfriend!