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How to Study Japanese

By Guidable Writers Jul 27, 2016

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[A Friend who Learns Your Language]

Today we see so many foreigners studying Japanese. It’s a tiny pleasure to talk with them in English. On the contrary, we Japanese easily find the somebody who studies English. For instance, I could find Japanese brilliant college woman working at the local drinking spot for her school expense.


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If you come to Japan, you should find somebody who study your own language. Japanese colleges may be the wonderful place to learn, but this kind of local institutions like a drinking spot, etc., will work enough for you to find the somebody to talk in Japanese. Same thing applies to the case you find a friend on the Internet. For instance, on your Facebook, you can now add profile information about your languages.   

[An Apply for Literary Prize]

In the first place, studying foreign languages itself is absolutely fascinating. This is why I recommend you to distinguish fascinating hobby from your professional purpose.

Increasing vocabulary, of course will be the task to master Japanese. And you reach a first step, you will find yourself who want to speak and write in Japanese. If you can’t help such kind of feeling, why don’t you apply some kind of Japanese novel prize?


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The picture above is Iranian lady who got a Japanese novel prize. She has surprised lots of Japanese to write her novel in her second language. Can you understand the meaning of this article above? It is an application guideline for literary prize. You can find this on literary magazine. If you cannot read you may have something to learn.

[Above is just my point of view]

College students who are studying languages are compelled to read many books for their purposes. Writing a novel may be one of the things you can balance between studying and playing. Of course professional writers are not writing just as a play. If you read a Japanese contemporary novel at book store or library, you will find a different usage between everyday expression and literary one. Such kind of magazines you can apply are at local book store, of course on the internet you will easily find a way to apply. And if you can, as I mentioned above, I strongly recommend you to find a friend who has a same interest in literary. You can read Japanese books for study itself, but what it may worth is to find the good fellows you can deeply discuss about something.


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Furthermore, if you finish writing Japanese article, it is important to ask your friend to fix it. Your article should be judged by native Japanese.