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Dating avenues in Japan

By Guidable Writers Nov 3, 2016

Do you want to make a friend who has a potential to be your special one? There sure are many places where you can find that special person. However, it is sometimes hard for people to meet someone at school or at work place. Here are some of ways and places where you will have a chance to get to know people in Japan.


1. Introduction by a common friend

I believe this is the most common way in the whole world when you want to have a date. You can get introduced to a Japanese person who can speak English or at least interested in English. It would be great if the person is interested in your country. Conversations will grow! The good part of this method is that your friends will make sure the person you are introduced in is a nice person (at least in their opinion). That’s why they would like to introduce the person to you.


2. Hobby circle

Singing, football, hiking, language exchange… There are many hobby circles in Japan. You find them on Facebook, Meetup, Couchsifing, etc. You can enjoy doing something together and see how the people are. Not only you find someone potentially special, but good buddies, too!


3. Mingle party 1(Go-kon合コン)

This happens mostly at dinner time. It’s a meal which is attended by same number of ladies and gents up to 5 each. If you go to a Japanese style bar(居酒屋)and see same number of men and women having dinner and fun, it is very likely a Go-kon. What we do is first cheers, then greeting, free conversation, games, exchanging seats and at the last, exchanging LINE IDs. After, that everything depends on you. You can send a message to somebody who you are interested in to go for a lunch/dinner or ask someone to have another Go-kon the next time.



In some areas in Japan, sometimes Go-kon is held by a local society! Participants range from 10 to 100 people each. First, you have to apply for it online and pay the participation fee. Usually, a man pays almost more than double the fee for a woman. It can be joined by one person, but many people join it with a friend.4. Mingle party 2(Machi-kon街コン)

There are many types of Machi-Kon. For instance, having chitchat in a hotel with drinks or bar hopping and talking to someone there. You may encounter an interesting person in this party.