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Cycling at Shimanami Expressway Is Good Activity for Golden Week

By Guidable Writers Apr 30, 2017

The Golden Week Is Upcoming.

Did you make plans for Golden Week holidays? If you haven’t done yet and like cycling, why don’t you go cycling at Shimanami Expressway between Ehime and Hiroshima Prefecture? Though it is highway, it also has sidewalks and a cycling road. The cycling road is now well known for its beautiful scenery both within and outside Japan, and non-Japanese guests have been increasing lately. Because of nice climate, it is time to enjoy “Shimanami cycling”.



Features 1      Japan’s 1st Cycling Road Which Can Cross the Strait

This cycling road is known as the 1st cycling road which can cross the strait in Japan. The Seto Inland Sea, the road is located, is also known for the beauty of many islands in the sea for a long time and Japan’s 1st national park. Even there are several bridges which connect Honshu and Hokkaido/Shikoku/Kyushu and can cross by car, train, and walk, Shimanami Expressway would give you unique experience while you are enjoying it. You can also stop by several restaurants and shops to grab some snacks and drink in each island.



Features 2      Rental Bicycle System Is Available

Do you think you must bring your own bicycle there? That is not true. Because rental bicycle system is available, you can go there empty-handed. There are several rental cycle terminals in each island, and you can rent/return a bicycle at these terminals with a very few exceptions (you don’t have to run the entire line). Moreover, drop-off-only point is also located in Imabari, Ehime Pref. Because it accepts only return, you can’t get refund your deposit you paid when you rent a bicycle. More info; If you want to bring your bicycle, there is a cyclist-friendly accommodation you can check in with your bicycle in Onomichi, Hiroshima Pref. The details of the accommodation;



Be Careful of Moving Between Onomichi and Mukaishima Isle

If you start cycling from Onomichi side, you need to be careful to move to the island of Mukaishima, in front of Downtown Onomichi. From Hiroshima side, Honshu and Mukaishima are connected with Onomichi Ohashi Bridge, however, no one crosses this bridge by bicycle because the bridge is 5km off Onomichi Station and a quite long way round. The best way to move both area is a ferry (below). The ferries are often running, and car (under 4m), motorcycle, and bicycle are also available. Fare varies by ferry companies. More info; (Japanese only).