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Odaiba Rainbow Bridge, What to do there

What is There to Do In Odaiba?

By Guidable Authors Apr 19, 2021

Wondering where to go shopping and what to do in Tokyo? Odaiba is a popular entertainment district located on a manmade island in Tokyo Bay. Home to many of Tokyo’s famous tourist attractions and architectural creations, with a variety of shopping, dining, and leisure spots, it’s worth spending a day at Odaiba.

What Can I Do in Odaiba?

We would like to show you some of the best things to do and places to go in Odaiba so you can plan your next trip! First on the list is…

Rainbow Bridge

Odaiba, What to do there

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The Rainbow bridge, an iconic symbol of Tokyo Bay, connects the island of Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. Especially renowned for its night illuminations, the bridge holds an expressway, a regular motorway, a train line, and pedestrian walkways for passengers visiting Odaiba. 

Check the Rainbow Bridge on Google Maps.


Aquacity Odaiba is a shopping mall with a wide selection of antique and mainstream clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, and a 13 screen cinema complex. It is a favorite spot of many anime and manga lovers for its annual exhibitions. The fifth floor is a haven for ramen lovers to try different kinds of ramen from all over Japan, and the wooden deck on the front of Aquacity provides an ideal view of the Rainbow Bridge.

Find Aquacity on Google Maps.

Fuji TV Building

Odaiba, What to do there

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The headquarters of one of Japan’s popular TV stations, Fuji Television, the building offers many shops with exhibits of famous tv programs and an observatory deck with a view of Odaiba and Tokyo Bay. 

Check the Fuji Tv building on Google Maps.

Divercity Tokyo Plaza

This entertainment complex houses memorabilia related to the Gundam anime series, such as Gundam Base Tokyo which sells plastic models, and is famous for its life size Gundam Statue in the front of the mall. The complex offers many shops, dining, and entertainment spots such as the Zepp DiverCity Tokyo concert hall.
Check the Divercity Tokyo Plaza on Google Maps.

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Palette Town

Palette Town is a large shopping complex consisting of major tourist attractions of Odaiba including Teamlab Borderless, the Ferris Wheel, Venus Fort, and more.

Find Palette Town on Google Maps.

Teamlab Borderless

Odaiba, What to do there

Credits – Photo taken by author

Teamlab is a newly created digital art attraction, and is famous throughout Japan and even overseas. The blacked-out rooms are lit up with innovative digital art including displays that react to people’s movements. Visitors usually spend many hours inside so the number of tickets sold per day is quite limited and purchase in advance is recommended.

Check Team Borderless on Google Maps.

Ferris Wheel

Odaiba Ferris Wheel, What to do there

Credits – Photo taken by the author

Being one of the world’s largest (115 meters tall), the Ferris wheel at Odaiba offers eye-catching views of Tokyo Bay and is the ideal dating spot for many young couples. All glass cabins and the illumination at night make the wheel the ideal experience after a memorable day in Odaiba.

Find the Ferris Wheel on Google Maps.

Venus Fort

Odaiba, What to do there, Venus Fort

Credits – Photo taken by author

Decorated in 18th century European Style, Venus Fort is a mall housing hundreds of restaurants, boutiques and cafes. The building is famous for its digital ceiling showing the sky during different times of the day, and the water fountain with its splendid statues. It is also home to Zepp Tokyo concert hall.

See Venus Fort on Google Maps.

Decks Tokyo Beach

Decks is a popular shopping and entertainment complex with a number of restaurants, fashion boutiques, stores, and indoor theme parks. The most famous among them is the Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, the Tokyo Joypolis, the Legoland Discovery Center, and the Trick Art Museum. 

Find Decks Tokyo Beach on Google Maps.

What Will You Do On Your Next Trip to Odaiba?

Have you visited any of these places? And, which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!


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