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Why Japanese People Love to Eat Raw Food

By Aika Kaise Nov 13, 2018

People in Japan love to eat raw food.
Sushi and sashimi are well known and eaten at Japanese restaurants in the country and overseas as well.
It is, however, a very unique thing to eat food raw, and it is quite rare to see people eating raw food overseas; this is only special to mainly Japan.
Due to the fact that there is a chance of getting food poisoning by eating raw food, food tend to be eaten after being well heated in countries overseas.
If this is the case, then why do Japanese people love to eat raw food although there is a risk of getting poisoned?
It’s all in the Japanese cultures. Don’t worry I will explain including what kind of food are eaten raw and Why.

1. Raw Foods Eaten in Japan

As you may know, Japanese people love to have raw fish known as sushi and sashimi.
These are quite popular in Japanese restaurants overseas and in Japan as well. In Japan today one of the popular ways of eating sushi is at the sushi restaurant where they serve it with 100 yen for one plate.

In addition to raw fishes, raw eggs are very often eaten in Japan.
The most common way to have it is with white rice.
The way to make it is quite simple.
After preparing a hot white rice in a bowl, put a raw egg on it, and then put some soy sauce on it.
After that, mix them all together.
That’s it!
This type of dish is called “tamagokake-gohan”.
“Tamagokake” means put an egg and “gohan” means rice, so it means rice with eggs as its name suggests.

It is quite rare to eat raw meat in Japan these days, but raw horse meat is still eaten.
Although it is not so much common in Japan, it is eaten in some regions such as Kumamoto prefecture in Japan.

2. The Safety of Raw Foods in Japan

Because Japan is an island country, we are able to get fresh fish easily.
It is said that sushi and sashimi wouldn’t have been born if Japan was not an island country.
Sushi and sashimi can not to be eaten if they are not fresh.
In addition to that, it is said that because of these dishes, people in Japan started to have high quality kitchen knife which can cut raw fish very easily. This originated from Japanese sword skill.
In addition, sushi and sashimi are eaten with soy sauce and Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) in Japan. This is how they combat the poison. The Soy sauce and Wasabi work for bactericidal action.
This process has been used for a long time in Japan, and it is still being used today.
By doing this, Japanese people are able to protect themselves from food poisoning.

And don’t worry, safety is not a problem; the Japanese hygiene management is admitted as the best quality in the world.
Eggs made in Japan, for example, have less risk of getting food poisonings compared to the one made overseas.
It is because eggs are treated in very clean conditions.
All the process from washing eggs, drying them, sterilizing them to quarantine them are made in germ-less conditions, which makes it less possible for food poisoning by raw eggs to occur.
In addition to that, the expiration date of being able to have them raw is shown when they are sold, so Japanese people are able to eat raw eggs without any worries.

With this I hope you are able to understand why Japanese people love to eat raw food.
While you are in Japan don’t forget to try these safe and high quality raw foods!

Aika Kaise / Japan