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For your comfortable transfer around Japan…About “ JAPAN RAIL PASS.”

By Guidable Writers Jul 10, 2016

Do you know you can use  every railroad systems around Japan inexpensively if you have this ticket? It’s called,” JAPAN RAIL PASS”.

You can take almost all transfer systems for example JR, JR buses, ferries and so on… There are many traffics in Japan.
So, you can use above transportation systems anytime with this ticket when you move to other areas of Japan from your residence.


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Before purchasing this ticket, please confirm below!

** Tourists from foreign countries.

**People who have a right of permanent residence of Japan, moreover the people who live out of Japan.

** People who are married Japanese.

** People who have Japanese nationality.



Please get those of exchange order from the  following travel agencies or airline counters in advance.

More information

+ North America:

+ Europe:

+ East Asia:

+ Oceania:



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In the case of the normal car use.

How to get this ticket after arriving to Japan.

You need to convert the exchange order which you got before coming to Japan into JAPAN RAIL PASS after arriving in Japan.

For getting the ticket, prepare for your passport and proof documents.

(The people who have a right permanent registration of Japan and living out of Japan need  that of documents to prove .)

Please exchange the ticket within three months after arriving to Japan.

More information below.

■JAPAN RAIL PASS ~Principal Exchange Office~

■Available Transportations

JR lines:

New trunk line or Shinkansen:


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I hope you’ll have a good time there to use such a convenient ticket !

Enjoy your life of Japan!


**JAPAN RAIL PASS information

English version:

Chinese version:


Korean vision: