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Get acquainted with handsome men with free drinks

By Guidable Writers Apr 18, 2017

If you are a woman having some courage and want to meet a good guy, going to an “aisekia” may be one option.

An “aisekia” is one style of Izakaya where you can drink alcoholic drinks for free as long as you are a woman but you have to share a table with men who you don’t know.  A number of and a variety of aisekias are run at and around large cities in Japan.

You can go to an aisekia by yourself but basically, you had better go to an aisekia in a group of girls and your group will have a seat with a group of men to get to know and get close to each other.

Of course, you or other girls are not employees of the aisekia in any sense and so you don’t need to serve men.  Besides, there are lots of other groups around you and so there is no danger or risk.  Needless to say, men must not touch you or demand you to touch them without your permission.  An aisekia is not a place relating to any sexual service but it is a place to safely provide men an occasion to meet with women and women an occasion to meet with men.

It’s enough if you can chat with men and have a pleasant time with them.

Men pay for food and drink at an aisekia.  Women also have to pay for meals, but they can request men to pay for meals.  So, if you behave smartly, you don’t pay any money to get acquainted with (usually Japanese) guys while saving your money on dinner.  In a lucky case, you can get acquainted with a good guy who would be your lifetime partner or at least a good friend.

Basically, you cannot choose a group of men but since there are a lot of men looking for a group of girls, it is a good chance to find such a partner or a friend.

In Japan, there is also a system called gokon, a small joint party of a girls group and a boys group.  However, an gokon needs a social relationship with other people who can introduce you with another people and accordingly, it is not convenient for foreigners.  Besides, you may have to play a game with boys though you don’t like boy members at a gokon and even in such a case, you cannot leave the gokon without saying a social lie, for example, having an early morning job on the next day.   You cannot leave the gokon straightly for the reason that you don’t like the boy members.


In addition, an gokon is often held in a private room and there might be some risk for girls.

However, you can go home at any time you like at an aisekia.  You don’t have any obligation to put up with guys you don’t like.  You don’t have to pass your Email or Line address to anyone at an aisekia so you can avoid any possible future troubles.

Of course, you should be careful about avoiding troubles but “aisekia” is not a bad option for women having some sociability.