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Go On A Day Trip To The U.S.

By Guidable Writers Mar 15, 2017

A Chance to Experience A U.S. Trip in Japan

Have you ever been to the U.S. military base in Japan? Though it is not only here, but you might feel quite strange with the Stars and Stripes and typical American scenery over the fence. There are several U.S. military bases except for army from Aomori to Okinawa, and each base holds the event called “Friendship Day” once a year. The base usually accepts authorized personnel and its family only, but it is the chance to enter there. For example, we talk about Marine Corps Air Station’s Friendship Day at Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Pref.

Open-Air Exhibition of Battle Planes

Though there are the pros and cons, the bases are operated to protect other countries’ attack from Japan. Therefore, some SDF bases are also set up next to the military bases include Iwakuni, and you can see both U.S. and SDF’s battle-planes and enter to the inside of them. On the other hand, you can see demonstration flight at the runway, and you would feel its power. Because its runway is shared with Iwakuni Airport next to the air station, and you would see the passenger plane’s landing and takeoff during the air show.

A Chance to Enjoy Fast Food Imported from the States

You might know that supermarkets, restaurants, etc. are in the base, and you are accepted to stop by the food court to have snacks on that day. If you are from the U.S., your homesickness might be cured, or if you are not and haven’t been there either, you might feel fresh because all restaurants are operated in the American style. For example, when you stop by KFC, you will have mashed potatoes with gravy instead of French fries. Moreover, there are some food booths which sell homemade turkey legs, hamburgers, cookies, etc. You can also buy some drink, but if you want to have a beer, you can’t take that home and have to drink off in the base because the staffs open the can when they give it to you.

Important Points for Non-Japanese Guests

Though they are located in Japan, inside the bases must be the U.S. Japanese guests are accepted with driver’s license, health insurance card, etc., but non-Japanese guests have to show a passport or alien registration card to enter. Therefore, you have to go there only by public transportation. If you are interested in Iwakuni base, the event will be held on May 5. The detail will be occasionally announced its web site; friendship-day.net/.