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Have Some Kure Gourmet – Different Taste From Hiroshima

By Guidable Writers Mar 8, 2017

Local Specialties Influenced by Imperial Navy

Even there is located near the City of Hiroshima, Kure is known for its characteristic local specialties. There is also known for the home of the former Imperial Navy/Maritime Self-Defense Force, and several these specialties are influenced by them; a chef who used to work in Navy or to satisfy navy members’ hunger as soon as possible. The former means Japanese-Western dish called “yoshoku” includes nikujaga, curry, and rice, etc. and the latter means “hot-udon”, udon which is made by thinner udon noodle than usual. These are some picks to enjoy the taste of Kure.

Specialties ① Navy Nikujaga

The most famous Navy dish could be nikujaga (simmered meat and potatoes). Though there are various theories, nikujaga was invented at Maizuru, Kyoto, and Kure, both are known for the home of the former Imperial Navy. It is also said that it was based on beef stew, and that is why both have almost same ingredients. Some restaurant located in Nakadori St. serves it as its signature dish. The restaurant is also known for founded by the former navy chief.

Specialties ② Yatai Food

If you are asked about Japan’s famous “yatai-gai” streets with food stands, you would answer the City of Fukuoka. However, yatai-gai in Kure is also famous. Because electricity, water, and sewerage are completely installed, all yatais are kept clean. Therefore, these are known for variations of dishes; from ramen and oden to okonomiyaki. It could be the good way to have late night dinner or make some friends, but you shouldn’t be noisy too much because there are some apartments near there. The “Aka Chochin Dori” (Red Lantern St.) yatai-gai is located in front of the Kure City Hall, and you can go there by walk from Kure Station.

Specialties ③ The Bakery Named “Melon Pan”

Kure also has the well-known bakery which is named “Melon Pan”. You might be confused, but its name comes from melon pan, one of its signature. The pan below is Kure people’s another favorite “Nana Pan”, which is contained chocolate cream. It is said that its name “Nana” comes from the founder’s daughter’s name and her favorite food. All products keep old-fashioned appearance and taste, and that is why Melon Pan Bakery has been loved for many years. Though it is based on Kure, you can get at Hiroshima, or occasionally Kanto area as a special event at a department store. More info;kuremelon.com/(Japanese only).