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History About “Nintendo”

By Guidable Writers Jul 29, 2016

Have you already played Pokemon Go?

Probably, you can have seen many Pokemon trainers who are eager to get new Pokemons with their smart phones around you, such as train stations, parks and shops everywhere. According to some news, Pokemon Go has become the most popular mobile game in US history.

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On the other hand, many Pokemon Go trainers have got in troubles or injured during the game because they don’t pay any attention around them, for example, two men who live in US fall from a 90 feet cliff because they were too captivated by playing Pokemon Go. Fortunately, they got only minor injuries.

Anyway, Pokemon Go has become a global phenomenon all over the world, but who created the popular and enjoyable game?

As you know, the first Pokemon game which is known as “Pokemon Red and Green” on the Game Boy was created by Japanese game company Nintendo almost 20 years ago (Unfortunately, Pokemon Go was not developed by Nintendo today). “Pokemon Red and Green” also became a popular game at that time in Japan. Nntendo has also known as best-selling video games, such as Mario and Metroids. Pokemon has a long history, but Nintendo also has a more longer history than its own game.

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Nintendo was established by a Japanese man, Fusajiro Ymauchi in Kyoto almost 120 years ago.

At first, Nintendo created Japanese card game which is known as “Hanafuda” in Japan (“Hanafuda” cards have flower paintings on the each card and you have to suits them during the game. It looks like Poker, but it’s very complicated and difficult for Japanese. ). Nintendo also created first playing cards in Japan.


In 1950s, Fujajiro’s grandson Hiroshi Ymauchi took over the company, but he realized Nitendo had to change its own businesses and renew them all because he thought playing cards business is going to dwindle, then Yamauchi began to look for new business opportunities in Video game in the 1970s.

In 1980s, Nintendo launched its own hardwares, the Family computer and its successor the Super Famicon (Famicon means abbreviation of the Family computer). Both Famicon games were getting popular among young Japanese and Super Mario Bros. is known as one of the best-selling video games in history.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-29 15.49.40(Reference: http://bb-building.net/tatemono/kyoto/k109.html)

Nintendo has become one of the most successful game company in Japan. In particular, Pokemon games have been getting popular in the world and following the Pokemon Go boom, Nintendo`s stock prices made a historical record last week. Let`s follow the Pokemon boom in this summer and go getting Pokemons in your neighbors!