How do Japanese girls go on a diet?

Jun 26, 2017

How do Japanese female go on a diet



How do Japanese females go on a diet?

The deeply ingrained set of Asian beauty standards has caused Japanese females to pay a lot of attention to their appearances and body shapes. Ways of diet have also gone through several evolutions corresponding to the new needs that are trending these days. Today, let’s dig in more about the Japanese way of diet!


How do Japanese female go on a diet


Beauty Supplement

When the word diet gets mentioned, what first pops out is probably food and supplement. Indeed, Japanese companies have been dedicated to research and development regarding diet support to make diets easier. The list below are some trendy diet supplements that could be found in local drug stores.


Shintani Shinyakoso (For late night) Diet Enzyme

Enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions and assist in the process of burning calories. According to the advertisement, as people age or continue with their imbalanced diet, they lose the capacity in their enzyme reserve and therefore needs  replenishments to burn excessive calories. This supplement is said to help people dissolve extra fat when they dine out or eat too much and adjust the body into good conditions when people eat irregularly. In fact, these diet supplements are facing intense competition from their rivals. Other similar products, like Calorie Limit from Fancl, MDC Metabolic Enzyme and Yeast Slim Pill, and Studio Graphico Calorie Limit Pills (in Japanese, Nakkata Koto Ni, meaning as if you haven’t eaten) are also extremely popular among Japanese females.



How do Japanese female go on a diet


Beauty Gadgets

Besides supplements and diet support food and beverages, Japanese companies like Panasonic and Refa have also developed beauty gadgets that help females who are lacking in exercises to but wants to gain slim bodies.


ReFa Body Extreme Massage Platinum Electronic Roller

This product with an extremely bizarre shape from Japan’s leading beauty and skincare specialists MTG, has a flexible “swing arm” design that allows its users to massage their skin firmly and comfortably and is applicable for use on the legs, thighs, arms, torso, stomach and more. The way to use this gadget is to simply grip the handle and let the eight platinum-coated heads infuse microcurrent treatment by rolling the device over the area of choice. Likewise, the company also has a facial massage roller that is said to have outstanding effect on the slimming of the face.


Small Face Slimmer Wings Exerciser

Have you ever imagined using a mouthpiece to slim your face? The Small Face Slimmer Wings Exerciser is a rubber mouthpiece with tiny wings that helps you work on your muscles on the cheeks. The way to use it is to bite the mouthpiece and hold it for around 30 seconds while nodding your head to make the “wings” flap up and down. These exercises are said to exercise the muscles in your jaw and assist in the fighting against sagging cheeks and aging. Breathing rhythmically through the mouthpiece at the same time also helps slim your stomach.



Active Pad Muscle Training Gear

Out of the incentive to make exercises easier for people who don’t have time to go to gyms regularly, Maxell has designed a flexible pad that could be used on the stomach, legs, arms, and the back. The tiny machine is designed to give off microelectronic stimulations to the body and to run through a 15-step program to automatically train your muscles and tone your body. So even if you don’t have time to sweat yourself, you get the exercises aimed for.


Slimwalk Overnight Slimming Socks

This pair of magic leggings is said to apply the right amount of pressure on muscles on your legs and to help tone the shape of your legs as you sleep overnight. There are even comments saying that by wearing these leggings, they witnessed a decrease in the size of their thighs of over 5 centimeters within one month. Available in two sizes, the slimming stockings apply a varied pressure across the leg, ranging from 10-21 hPa.


Diet Routines (Eight-hour diet)

Introduced by multiple TV shows in Japan, the eight-hour diet is causing a stir among the Japanese females. The way to implement this diet is easy: You are allowed to eat whatever you want within the 8 hours starting from your first meal of the day. For instance, if you have your breakfast at 10 am, you are allowed to eat whatever you like until 18 pm and there is no upper limit to how many meals you have during the day. For the rest of the day, you are only allowed to drink water. In order to make this diet more effective, you are required to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. For the TV show, three Japanese females are invited to go on this experiment and have all witnessed astonishing weight losses after such diet. According to Japanese experts, the reason behind such diet is that the body gets 2/3 of the day to digest what it takes in during the eight hours (1/3 of the day). Therefore however greasy your meal is, your body has the capacity to deal with it.


Facial Yoga

Have you heard of Facial Yoga in Japan? Have you ever considered slimming your face by making funny and weird faces every day? This method is said to accelerate the blood circulation around your face and work on the muscles that you don’t usually use to achieve the effects of slimming and anti-aging formulas.



The points covered here are the various ways how Japanese females go on a diet. Some of these might sound bizarre or look weird, but all of these are out of the aspiration for slimmer, prettier and healthier bodies. So if you are interested, pay attention to these items next time you visit a local drug store or big camera!




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