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How to check Japanese girl’s sign which you like

By Guidable Writers Aug 31, 2016

When guys show their affection straightforward, it is difficult to tell girls’ feeling. Is it just their kindness or love they are showing?

Now, me Ken is going to pick up several points you need to be careful when the sign Japanese girls show “they might like you.” Maybe you did not realize but your female friends are showing those….

1. Turing her body to you & Get close to you in 50cm when she is talking to you.

No matter how she is kind and heartfelt, her body is honest. If she even put her legs on the different side of you, it means she is not fully allow her heart to you yet.

Also, the personal space between her and you is less than 50cm means “intimate distance.” However, if she is even folding her arms, you are still not get really close to her. Especially, Japanese people are careful for their personal distance and take longer than people with Western culture.

2. Taking a stop to see you off when you two will leave.

It is the scene you two leave and say goodbye. If she will stop or stay in order to see you off, you can expect she may like you.

Check it after you two leave and took few steps. If she look back and feel she is finding you, it can be said she likes you. But she does not look back and just go, Hum… you are a friend for her.

3. Her eyes moves: tell her feeling from how her react.

To tell het true feeling, it is better to see her unconsciousness, and this is usually on how her reaction. You can start with asking what her does like to eat or does not. General question is better. You need to focus not on what is her answer but on her eyes where she is looking at.


[How to do…?] – People will see different direction when you answer “like” and “dislike” eye movement analysis from neurolinguistic programming(NLP) says, Human beings unconsciously look different directions when they have feelings of “like” and “dislike”. Be remembered where she looks when to answer “likes” and “dislikes”.

– Give her suggestion going for dating. You need to give a topic that can lead her to imagine dating with you. If you ask what food she likes, maybe you can ask her to go to eat it together, its more natural to suggest it.

– Which she looks? Thats the answer for her to like you or not… The direction she looks is the answer whether she likes to date with you or not. No matter how much passionately she says yes to go to eat, the direction she looks is “dislike” one means she is making compliment…

However this is not meaning 100% true feeling. Maybe she does not have good story with its restaurants or those areas, or just tired on that day. People have different reasons and schedules, so do not get frustrated and try another suggestion!

Good luck your life and love:)