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[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan] Want to get Pokemon near you effectively?

By Guidable Writers Jul 27, 2016

How to find Pokemon near you —— Make it displayed the place to appear on the map

~Want to get Pokemon near you effectively in “Pokemon GO”~

Almost all people think so.

So, we’ll introduce how to get Pokemon efficiently by using “Pokevision” which shows Pokemon near you in real time on the map. The app is recently updated and equipped the filter function which you can select the Pokemon to be displayed and became much more convenient.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-27 23.18.49(Reference: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/)

–  How to get Pokemon around you by using “Pokevision”

How deos “Pokevision” work in the first place?
According to the official site, the GPS position of the user and Pokemon nearby are plotted on the map by using API of Niantic. If you find the Pokemon you want to get on the map, you just follow the map and approach there, you can get it so it is very useful to go ahead in the game even you don’t have much time.

–  How to use “Pokevision”

Then let me explain how to use “Pokevision”.
Fist, access the following site.


When the page is open, you will ask to allow the use of the GPS, tap “OK”. Then you will be able to find the Pokemon near you by one tap. You can check on the PC browser.

–  How to check the map

The button in the upper right corner is to renew the present location. By tapping this, the map which is near your present position appears and Pokemon around you is displayed on the map. You can search any location which has nothing to do with your present location by the search box next to the button.

What is more, you can put the red pin, ”marker”, by tapping the map to display the location except for the present position. In this case, you need to tap “Click To Find Pokemon Near Marker” on the bottom of the screen if you want to update the info.

It takes 30 seconds to update at the earliest.
The time that the Pokemon will disappear is shown next it on the map. The displaying time tends to be short of rare Pokomon’s so you gotta check it out!


スクリーンショット 2016-07-27 23.15.55(Reference: http://pokemongo.biz/)

–  How to use filter

Recently, the filter function is added to “Pokevision”.
This enables to hide particular Pokemon or display only particular Pokemon and this is total genius to say the least of it. If you can hide the weak Pokemon’s you don’t want to see, you can only check the rare Pokemon’s on the map.

–  It’s convenient if you have an exclusive smart phone for “Pokemon GO” and use the 2 phones.

It’s for sure to make a good progress in collecting Pokemon’s by using “Pokevision”! You have the exclusive smart phone for “Pokemon GO” and the another phone, you display “Pokevision” on the browser. That’s the best combination.

Please give it a try!


スクリーンショット 2016-07-27 23.16.26(Reference: http://buzz-plus.com/article/)

Also we recommend the app named “Poke Where” if you think “Pokevision” is too heavy and slow and cannot stand it.

You should check this out as well!


Note: How to deal when “User Denied Geolocation” is displayed

If “User Denied Geolocation” is showed up even after tapping the refresh button of your present location on the upper right, the use of GPS of Safari is not reinforced which we introduced at the beginning.

Open “Setting” app and then “Location Services” in “Privacy” and check on “Sites on Safari”. In my case, this was set for “Never” so I couldn’t refresh the present location.

Let’s tap “While using”.